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Arya Tegeh Kori

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Arya Tegeh Kori
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Agus Putu Pranayoga
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In English


Chapter one

Once upon a time in the past, there is a king, Arya Dalem Bansuluk Tegehkori is his name. He is the son of the king Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan from Gelgel Klungkung kingdom. He rules the the land of Badeng kingdom. Badeng (or Badung) means dark. Because the land soil at this region is darker than other region. This is the story of his life journey.

King Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan is located at Puri Linggarsapura in Samprangan, Gianyar area. The castle was the former stronghold post of Mahapatih (the great prime minister) Gajahmada’s from Majapahit empire of Java to invade King Bedahulu of Bali kingdom. After Bali kingdom defeated, Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan was crowned King of Bali in 1352 AD by Queen Majapahit Tribhuana Tunggadewi. the new king Bali king then separate Bali into few small kingdoms lead by his war generals. He reigned until 1380 AD.

One day when full moon, king Ida Dalem Shriaji Kresna Kepakisan, took place in the royal hall, was meeting with the prime minister ministers and all his war general. Notable among them are Arya Kenceng son of Arya Damar who was made the ruler in Tabanan, Arya Sentong in Pacung, Arya Beleteng in Pinatih, Arya Kutawaringin in Kapal, Arya Binculu in Tangkas, Arya Pakisan in Abiansemal, Arya Belog in Kaba-kaba, and three knight named Tan Kober, Tan Kawur and Tan Mundur.

At that time, Arya Kenceng wore chrysanthemum green flowers at his hat. Ida Dalem's heart was shocked when he found out that Arya Kenceng was wearing the green chrysanthemum flower. Immediately his anger rose, due to the slander launched by Arya Pengalasan Jelantik. It is said that Arya Kenceng put magic on the king, so that the king would love and submit to him. Immediately Shri Raja punished Patih Arya Kenceng from war general into gardener with the obligation to clean the hall every day. The commotion at the Puri Dalem Samprangan Hall is thought to have occurred in 1360.

From that moment on, Arya Kenceng felt very deep sadness and often cried when he remembered his favorite son named Ngurah Tabanan. The son was given the name Ngurah Tabanan, because Arya Kenceng participated in conquering (naban) this Balinese country after fighting against Si Pasung Grigis, the governor of Raja Bedahulu.

After a long time, it was time for Arya Kenceng to receive God's grace. It was mentioned that the king Ida Dalem had a son who was only eleven months old to crawl. The boy was crawling very fast. The caretaker is named Ni Dasa Dasih. The prince is also getting closer to Arya Kenceng because he often carried out by him. Until one day, Arya Kenceng intention appeared to make efforts to get himself free from punishment. One time when Ida Dalem was sitting in front of his ministers, suddenly the son was released from behind the King. Crawling swiftly and then reaching for king's shoulder. Then approached by Arya Kenceng while lifting the son higher than Ida Dalem's back while apologizing from behind the King. As soon as the king turned his head, he saw the height behind him. The king was furious, then said: "You are very clever at making a ploy. Now, because my son has made a mistake grabbing my shoulder, as written in Niti Sloka (The Kingdom rule), when the king is dressed in his royal dress as the leader of the country, nobody is allowed to touch the king. The rule said whoever touch the king must be execute. But I can’t execute him because he is my son. So, Arya Kenceng, take my son, make him your adopted son, the ceremony with a bonfire on top of which is filled with a buffalo head. Brother him with your son I Ngurah Tabanan. Now I give the name to him Arya Dalem Bansuluk Tegehkuri. (Tegeh mean tall or high and Kori or Kuri mean behind, because he was taller from behind when he touch the king’s shoulder)”. Immediately, Arya Kenceng was unbelievably happy to have a son who was handsome and very smart. Then respectfully excuse himself to bring the prince to his castle at Tabanan, make him brother to Ngurah Tabanan. This tale is also written at Prasasti Babad Dalem Tabanan Tegehkori manuscript. Arya Kenceng then carried out the adopted ceremony according to the mandate of Ida Dalem.

The blood that flows in prince Arya Dalem Bansuluk Tegehkori from generation to generation remains the blood of Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan. Now more than six centuries have passed, all of his genetic descendants remember to always come to offer devotion before The king Ida Bhatara Kawitan Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan at his family temple at Mother Temple Besakih.

Time pass by and the 2 kids now become young men. Between Arya Tegehkori and Ngurah Tabanan, a misunderstanding and conflict arise. Arya Tabanan has a wife, he is jealous that he thinks his wife have an affair with Arya Tegehkori. He always try to harm him in many ways

Feeling uneasy, Arya Tegehkori decide to leave the Tabanan kingdom then went to get rid of himself to Mount Batur to meditation. After some time meditating there, he got a gift from the god of Mount Batur in the form of a whiting box. If Arya Tegeh Kori wanted to put himself in it, the power of the whiting box would shrink. Whenever it comes out of the box, he can return his body to normal size. That is the magic of the whiting box, a gift from the goddess of Mount Batur, then the god said to Arya Tegehkori: “I gave you the magic box. Now you have to go to Tonjayu Village at the dark land (Badeng). There are some clans inhabit the area like Pasek Bendesa, Pasek Kubayan, Dangka, Ngukuhin, Tangkas and they don't have a king yet. These days they have big ceremony, use this magic box there. Of course you will be appointed king in the Badeng or Badung area. Be a ruler, be a king!“.As the command of Ida Batara Dewi Danu, the goddess of Batur lake and mountain, then Arya Tegehkori left for the Badeng or Badung area.

When he arrived in the Badung area, it was already evening, so he to the chief’s village house at Tonja. There he concentrated his spiritual power so that he could enter the container of magic whiting boxthat he had placed on the gate. His body shrunk and able to fit in the box perfectly. The next day, when the sun rise, the village chief saw that there was a box on the gate. Then while opening the lid. Seen a small child in the container of whiting box. The chief mind was amazed to see this strange and miraculous event. Immediately Ihe worshiped and said: "My noble Lord". Having just finished saying this, the little boy who was in the box immediately came out. Back in its original form as as a man. Looks good, handsome and dignified. The longer it was seen, the more amazed the chief's feelings. Then Arya Tegehkori then himself. He explained that he was the son of the Bali king Ida Dalem Kresna Kepakisan at the Swecapura Gelgel castle. He was the brother of Arya Tabanan in the country of Tambangan (Tabanan). He also explained clearly how the adventure that he experienced from beginning to end. The chief is amazed and ask him to rest at his house. After the chief carried out the piodalan ceremony, he immediately held discussions with his clan brothers, such as Pasek Gaduh, Kebayan, Dangka, Ngukuhin, Tangkas, about the need to make him a palace and prepare for his coronation to become king as ruler in the Badeng or Badung region, and report to the King of Bali kingdom Shriaji Kresna Kepakisan at the Swecapura Gelgel castle. The king at Gelgel was very agreeable because anyway Arya Tegehkori is his son. At the age of a toddler he was banished from the family. At a young age with the blessing of the goddess Ida Bhatari Ulun Danu Batur and thanks to the approval of the King of Bali who was also his father and for the support of the people, he ascended the throne to become the first King of Badung kingdom.

In order for him to truly become a noble king in the Land of Badung, the chief again held a deliberation to build a palace worthy of him. The palace was built in the upper reaches of the village or in the north. After the palace was completed, it was there that the king Arya Tegeh Kori resided. After some time as king, he built two holy temple. The temple to worship the God of Agung mountainwas built to the east of the palace. The place for worshiping the goddes Bhatara Dewi Danu Batur is made to the west of the palace called Pura Batursari.

After a while the king then married. Then his son (2nd dinasty) built another palace, also still in the Badung area, because more and more people live in the Badung area and the condition of the land is fertile. After the second palace was built, it was named Puri Satria (Satria palace), as a characteristic that he was a descendant of Knights. Meanwhile, the Tegehkori palace (1st dinasty) in Tonja was named Puri Dalem Benculuk. In the recently completed castle, a pair of very tall palace gates were also built, none of which were on par in all of Bali. The disadvantage is that if it is broken, it is rather difficult to repair it, presumably that is His wish to build a very high gate at Puri Satria, so that it is in accordance with the name of his father in Tegehkori. The Tegehkori dynasty is ruling the kingdom from 1378 - 1687.

Chapter Two

Meanwhile at Tambangan (Tabanan) kingdom, after king Arya Kenceng passed away, his son Arya Tabanan replace him as king. He have crown prince name Ngurah Rangong. The old king Arya Tabanan suffered a seriuos illness, then moved to live at the village of Kebon Tingguh. Ngurah Rangong intention was to wait for the throne to become the king of Tabanan kingdom. The old king Arya Tabanan was served by a woman named Luh Bendesa from Buahan village. During the service, the king touched Luh Bendesa and become pregnant. From this relationship, Luh Bendesa then gave birth to a son who was named I Gusti Pucangan. Later on the king is passed away. After Arya Tabanan died, Ngurah Rangong become next king. But he is afraid that Pucangan someday will also claim his territory. Ngurah Rangong made efforts so that Pucangan would soon meet his death. Outside the Tambangan palace, there is a very sacred banyan tree. King Ngurah Rangong then ordered his younger brother, Pucangan, to cut the tree branches. However, to the great surprise of the brother, it turned out that the younger brother was still safe. Since then I Gusti Pucangan has been named Gusti Bagus Alit Notor Wandira. The king never stop to try to kill his brother.

Unable to stand it, Pucangan then left Tambangan palace to Mount Batur. On the shores of Lake Batur appeared the goddes Ida Bhatari Tolangkir who said: "Hi Pucangan, what are you looking for here alone?". Gusti Pucangan replied: "Oh dear goddess, this servant is too troubled. I have a half brother who was made king by my father. Besides, my brother I Gusti Rangong was hostile to. ” Ida Batari again said: "If you are devoted to me, uphold me through the lake water, take me to Mount Batur". Pucangan replied: "I will do, even if it make myself sinking”. By the magical power of goddess Ida Bhatari, Pucangan walked safely across the lake to Mount Batur will upheld the goddess. Goddes Ida Bhatari said: "O Pucangan, you truly devote to me, now I give you a whip and a tulup (a traditional Bali weapon made by bamboo) You must go to Gelgel palace and kill the king’s enemies in the form of raven, because they often ruin the king’s food. It is this whip and dipper that you used to kill that evil raven. After it is successful, someday you Pucangan will become king in the Land of Badung ”.

This incident occurred when the Balinese Kingdom, which was centered in Klungkung, was led by King Dalem Anom Sagening (1580-1665) who was residing at Puri Swecapura palace at Gelgel. Meanwhile, the King of Badung at that time was I Gusti Tegehkori V. The blessing of goddess Ida Bhatari and the approval of the King of Bali were the main assets obtained by Pucangan in achieving success of gaining power.

Prince Pucangan continued his journey, accompanied by a follower named Tambiak from Mount Batur to the Swecapura Palace at Gelgel. It was mentioned that Ida Dalem was in the hall faced by his prime minister. I Gusti Pucangan then confronted him and declared that he was able to kill the crow, who often ruined the king's food. King Ida Dalem was surprised, then asked: "Where are you from son and what is your name?". Pucangan replied: “Master, this servant is named is Pucangan from Buahan Village, son of the late king Arya Tabanan. I just came from Mount Batur ”, then he explained his life from the beginning until now. Immediately he also remembered Ida Dalem about the past stories and he was very happy about the arrival of someone who would help to destroy the crow. The next day, the prime minister had gathered to meet Ida Dalem. In the afternoon the crow came who was going to spoil King's meal. Prince Pucangan quickly shoot the tulup, hitting the raven’s wing until it broke. After being hit and falling, King ordered to hit it with a whip, so that the crow met his death immediately. Ravens are often used as symbols of darkness, anger and death.

After that, the king was very happy. "Now, because of your great devotion to me," he was then presented with a set of clothes. He continued saying: "what else do you ask for?". Prince Pucangan remember with the words of goddess Ida Bhatari Tolangkir when he met on Mount Batur who would grant the area in Badung. Then the prince Gusti Pucangan asked to be given a place in the Badung area. With pleasure the King granted, then said: “I granted your request Pucangan, after all there at the land of badung, your family Arya Tegehkori at the Satria Palace ruled. You better get there, go ". Pucangan then go to Badung kingdom to be precise at the house of the chief of Lumintang Village.

Furthermore, the chief of Lumintang informed the king about the arrival of the prince Pucangan. The king Gusti Tegehkori IV was very happy to accept the arrival of his family, prince Pucangan. The king then give him 250 people to build a palace to the southwest of Puri Satria palace. The new palace was named Puri Jambe palace. The king then appointed him as punggawa (guardian knight) of Badung kingdom.

After king Tegeh Kori IV passed away, his son Tegeh Kori V replace him as king and have beautiful 15 years daughter named Ayu Genjot and handsome 13 year boy named Ngurah Raden. Prince Pucangan request the king to allowed his son to marry her daughter. But at other hand, the old king of Mengwi kingdom also propose the princess to marry his crown prince. At that time, Mengwi kingdom become more powerful and have larger troops than peaceful Badung kingdom. So the king decide to accept the Mengwi king’s propose.

Prince Pucangan is furious to hear that. Night before the Mengwi’s prince arrive to marry the princess, Pucangan with his troops storming the Satria palace. Pucangan is the guardian knight of Badung kingdom. He knows the palace so well and most of the troops is loyal to him. The palace is chaos and burn down. Considering the safety of his family, the king then decide to escape from the palace. Only five of them on that dark night Arya Dalem Tegehkori V (I Gusti Made Tegeh) escaped with the empress and her two sons and an in-law named Munang. His departure did not carry anything, only a box of inscriptions which was the heirloom of Puri Satria palace that he carried. All his cousins and other family also escape and scatter into many directions around Bali. The Tegehkori dynasty at Badung kingdom is fallen.

Chapter 3

Year 1724, During the five days he retreated in the mountain & forest, his children almost died because they did not eat anything. The group of Gusti Made Tegeh family arrived at a Village and went straight to the house of a village chief named I Pengkoh. It is very respectful that chief Pengkoh and his family entertain the guest of honor. For twenty days Gusti Made Tegeh group stayed at the house of the chief. One time, it was the middle of the dry season, so in a short time the rice supply in the barn ran out. What remains is only rat droppings mixed with grain skin, chief Pengkoh's wife only found that out. Chief Pengkoh prepared a pot in the kitchen to cook rice. Until the water in the pot was boiling, his wife did not get a grain of rice. Chief Pengkoh's anger rise, he then poured the hot water and scold his wife. Gusti Made Tegeh witnessed this very unpleasant incident, which made him feel very embarrassed.

After a discussion with his brother-in-law, I Munang, the former King and his brother-in-law went to hunt some food to the mountains. Meanwhile his wife and two children were left at chief’s house. After Gusti Made Tegeh left for the mountain, chief Pengkoh's evil thought occurred. His two children were ask to permission to his mother to accompany him to find rice. His mother agreed, so they left. In the middle of their journey, the children of Gusti Made Tegeh were tricked into making their way to the Denbukit area (later called Buleleng). When he arrived in Kalianget Village, his two kids were sold by chief Pengkoh to Ngurah Kalianget for 150 pieces of belongings plus a number of cloths.

After 10 days Gusti Made Tegeh and his brother-in-law went to the mountains for hunting, finally they back to chief’s house. They asked her the whereabouts of his children to his wife. She explained that their children was taken to the mountain by the chief. It's been 10 days yet to come back. When Gusti Made Tegeh heard his wife's answer, he was shocked and realized the misery they were experiencing. While shedding tears, he then told his wife and I Munang that the two of them would look for their children to Karangasem area. He himself looked to Denbukit. From there they parted ways, his wife and his brother went to Karangasem and he went to Denbukit.

After crossing Denbukit land, he arrived at Ambengan Hamlet. From that hamlet the journey to Sangket Village. From there he disguised himself to investigate the whereabouts of his children who had no news.

On that time Gusti Made Singaraja, the descendants of Gusti Panji Sakti is the King Denbukit kingdom and resides at Puri Sukasada palace. That's where he headed. It happened that King Denbukit was watching the Gambuh dance training. Those 2 person than talk and feel like each other. After some happy talk, he was asked to participate in Gambuh dance performance. It is difficult to find a comparison with the greatness of Gusti Made Tegeh in the art of Gambuh. Day and night the performance of Gambuh is joyful, which is why the king's palace was named Puri Sukasada.

After some period of time in clever disguise, Gusti Made Tegeh was very dear and trusted to King Denbukit. He was rewarded with as many as two hundred followers, including forty of whom were teenagers. He then assign into the sedahan agung (treasurer of the king) and also his war advisor. Nobody equals the wisdom of King Denbukit, so that it is respected by anyone, has the authority as a descendant of the warrior king of the gods. No one dared to oppose his orders. It could be said that the prosperity of the kingdom which was centered at the Sukasada Palace. Under his command, Denbukit kingdom spreading their teritory by invading many village to knee under Denbukit authority. Gusti Made Tegeh did this in order to find his children. Half of Bali island then become the territory of Denbukit kingdom.

Now it is told that the chief of Kalianget village name Ngurah Sindhuwedang have Gusti Made Tegeh sons and daughter and made them into servant at his house. The village of Kalianget has a population of 1,450 people. Ngurah Kalianget, who had a haughty heart and was very jealous of Denbukit King decided to fight the Denbukit kingdom. But the king quickly heard of him, and ordered Gusti Made Tegeh to beat Ngurah Kalianget before he could gather his strength. Quickly, Gusti Made Tegeh brought 200 elite warrior on their way to Kalianget Village.

When Gusti Made Tegeh troops arrived and recon the Kalianget Village, they found out that Ngurah Kalianget 1.000 soldiers were also on preparation to attack Sukasada palace. Gusti Made Tegeh and his 200 elite warriors prepare to attack at night. The attack was carried out suddenly at night made the Ngurah Kalianget soldiers shocked and confuse, they feel like stormed by thousands of enemies accompanied by spirits. Ngurah Kalianget soldier lost and surrendered. Ngurah Kalianget was taken prisoner, the whole house and its young and old residents were seized and taken to Puri Sukasada that dawn. By order of the king, Ngurah Kalianget was sentenced to death. Then he bring all other prisoners to kingdom prison. They were mixed up, including Gusti Made Tegeh children who had been sold and hidden in Kalianget. Until the end of the attack on Kalianget, he did not know the whereabouts of his children.

Suddenly Gusti Made Tegeh hear 2 young teenager cried heartbreaking among the prisoners, calling out her father and mother: "O the holy king of Tegehkori, look at me, it's been such a long time now that we haven't met my father and mother, I hope God Ida Sang Hyang Widhi will bring them together as soon as possible". Because the boy's lamentation and mention his ancestor Tegehkori, attracted enough attention and immediately approached the two young teenager. He shock that they are his children, Ayu Genjot and Ngurah Raden. The father and children finally reunite again Meanwhile his wife and her brother who had been traveling for a long time looking for their sons and daughters in the Karangasem area, then heard the news that Gusti Made Tegeh had gathered with their children at his place at Puri Sukasada palace. They hurriedly came to Denbukit and headed for the Sukasada Palace and there they reunite together, He was very happy.

After awhile, he order his son Ngurah Raden & his brother in law to return to Badung kingdom to meet the new king Pucangan. Arriving in Badung, since the Satria palace had been occupied by I Gusti Pucangan who later ascended the throne to become the king of Badung, he faced Ngurah Raden to his castle, claiming to be ordered back by his father Gusti Made Tegeh because anyway they are still family and understand why Pucangan furious and raid him. He hold no grudge. Pucangan love and care Ngurah Raden since he’s a baby and always carry him everywhere when he was act as the guardian knight of Badung. Ngurah Raden also childhood friend and like brother to his sons. Gusti Made Tegeh know that Pucangan will never have the heart to kill Ngurah Raden. Because Pucangan felt himself reunited with his nephew, he gladly presented 200 people and 40 plots of rice fields to Ngurah Raden. At the king's orders, he built a palace on the west side of the river on a forest plot. After completion, the palace was given the name Jro Kuta palace. King Pucangan have 2 sons. The older ones were given a place to live in the east of the river and given an inheritance weapon. Later the palace was called Puri Denpasar palace (because it was located north of the market). Meanwhile, his younger brother was made a place to live in the west of the river and was given an heirloom weapon, therefore the palace was later called Puri Pamecutan. After a long period of time when king Gusti Pucangan ruled in the Badung Kingdom, he died, then he was replaced by his two sons who both competed to become king to replace their father to become king in Badung State.

For a long time Gusti Made Tegeh lived in the vicinity of the Sukasada Denbukit Palace. He was very active in helping the king prosper the country, so that the king loved him very much. Her daughter Ayu Genjot also became a dancer and was later married to a nobleman from the village of Petandakan.

Someday the king Gusti Agung Gede of Mengwi Kingdom wants to visit Denbukit kingdom. Considering that King Mengwi was very famous for his supernatural power, the Denbukit king intended to try to test if it was true as the news was. He order Gusti Made Tegeh to ambush the Mengwi king’s parade. He bring 40 elite warriors to ambush under the kepuh tree in the Banyuning cemetery.

Then came the moment he had been waiting for, Mengwi king’s parade arrive. The king was carried and accompanied by 200 of his people. When he was close, then king Mengwi who was being carried on a stretcher, was intercepted by Gusti Made Tegeh, and he was speared violently. However, he was not hurt in the slightest because his body was so invincible. King Mengwi said to his companions: "send me down, O soldier". Then He got down from the stretcher and immediately took a meditative stance. In an instant he changed his form into resemble Bhuta Sungsang, a giant with six eyes, six arms, six legs and six heads. It seems that no one will be able to match His supernatural powers in this world. There the troops brought by Gusti Made Tegeh felt fear and all of them ran helter-skelter. Meanwhile, Gusti Made Tegeh himself retreated and hid himself far enough to the west in the forest hills of Pedawa.

Returning to king of Mengwi, the assassination attempt he had just experienced did not dampen his steps towards the Sukasada Palace. On arrival at Puri Sukasada palace, laughing out loud, he received a warm welcome from King Denbukit whom asking for forgiveness. King Mengwi said: “Okay, son, there's no need to extend this issue because I already know that you only want to test my supernatural power. Now this old man only asks you son, to search the person that order to attack me. This old man was very surprised of the courage of this man and also his loyalty to was amazing. You have never met someone like that, I have a feeling that he is a descendant of a famous knights ".

Then the king of Denbukit ordered his troops to look for Gusti Made Tegeh. However, even though they traces or days, they still cannot be found Gusti Made Tegeh. He was hiding at the top of a millet tree. When the troops approaching, there are some doves perch at the millet branch. Gusti Made Tegeh pray and begging to doves the millet tree to let him stay there. Normally, dove bird will fly away if there are people around it. But suddenly these doves singing. The troops saw it and assume that nobody there and passing by. Gusti Made Tegeh then make an oath that none of his descendant will eat millet fruit or harm any dove.

Until 7 days he remained there. With a sluggish body, emaciated and very dirty, then he walked slowly leaving the millet field towards the west, taking refuge in the village of Patemon. The situation when he arrived at the village indicated that it was already evening. He headed for the rice trading house, wife of the puppeteer Patemon. He was very pity for her to see that his condition was very tired and emaciated, so she was invited him to their house and served with food. The pupetter's family sympathy for Gusti Made Tegeh for being chased by royal soldiers. The pupetter's family then making a well hole for him to take shelter in. Everyday afternoon he hid himself in a foxhole. When night fell, He was taken out of the shelter. He made friends with the villagers. It has been for 15 days since he stay there and very uncomfortable and don’t want the helper family involve in trouble. He excused himself from pupetter’s house and then left to Bubunan Village. In that village, he also made friends with the villagers. For about a month in Bunbunan Village, Arya Dalem's mind grew more restless. He is thinking about his family that might be executed because he failed the king’s order. Then he decide to go back to Sukasada palace to prepare his death sentence but will beg for his family life to spare. 10 of villagers accompany him.

Arriving at Puri Sukasada, the two kings were sitting rejoicing in the palace facing the royal servants. They was surprised to see people who had just arrived dressed all in white. The white cloth a sign that they will be willing to die if something unwanted happens. So Gusti Made Tegeh and his ten followers presented a bow while begging for mercy in front of the two kings if they were judged to have done something wrong.

The king of mengwi then ask Gusti Made Tegeh who he really is. Who is his true identity. He then said that he is the descendant of Arya Tegehkori, the founder of Badung kingdom. He tell them all his journey. King Mengwi then said: "O Arya, in my opinion, what you did to me was absolutely innocent. I thought, you only carrying out your loyalty towards the king of Denbukit, carrying out orders to attack. Now, my son the king of Denbukit, from now on never ever forget the loyalty and sincerity of the sacrifices that Gusti Made Tegeh has given to you forever ”.

After saying this, King Mengwi summoned a servant of his companion to take a keris and a spear at the place of his bed. After king Mengwi order that, Gusti Made Tegeh and all of his 10 followers immediately experienced extreme anxiety and fear. Of course they think that this is the time when the death sentence start.

The servant then handed over a keris and a spear, and was accepted by the King of Mengwi, saying: "O Arya, this is my gift in the form of a keris and a spear. This keris is called Carita Belebang, its usefulness is to maintain safety and the enemy doesn't dare see it. This spear is called Lelemon, it has great authority. This is proof so that from now on down from generation to generation, from life to death, never forget the descendants of King Denbukit, and also for my son the king of Denbukit, never forget Gusti Made Tegeh descendants forever. You must always help and support each other. Remember, whoever forgets this mandate of mine will find misery and heartbreak”

Thus again said the King of Mengwi: "And now, O Arya, which land that you will request ?”. Hearing the words of King Mengwi which greatly pleased Gusti Made Tegeh, then he said: "If it is allowed, Bubunan Village is my request, because they are very loyal to me when I find trouble”.

Thus, Bubunan, Sulanyah, Tanguwisia Village was awarded to Gusti Made Tegeh. Then Gusti Made Tegeh and his family is allowed to return with his followers to Bubunan Village. For about 3 years he lived in Bubunan Village, because the land there was uneven. then they moved to Muntis Village ( later on change its name to Pengastulan village).


At Pengastulan, Gusti Made Tegeh became punggawa (guardian knight) and stay at a house name Jero Lingsir. Right to the west of his house he built an ancestral temple which was named Pura Badung as a honor to his ancestors whom was the King of Badung. He wrote all his extra ordinary journey into a manuscript called Prasasti Pura Badung. This prasasti is then passed through generations, along with his family tree. He and his descendant swear that they will always serve to Denbukit (Buleleng) kingdom forever.

Until later Dutch invade the kingdom and fall after the Great Battle of Jagaraga on 1849.

In Balinese


Om Hyang Widhi dumogi nenten wenten halangan

Kacaritayang ring masa san sampun lintang w nten raja, Arya Dalem Bansuluk Tegehkori wastannyan , Suluk tegesnyan kenceng. Ida punika okan Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan ring Gelgel Klungkung. Ida madeg nata ring wewidangan Badeng. Badeng punika pateh sakadi Badung. Puniki indik pamargin danene sane sampun-sampun.

Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan madu puri ring Puri Linggarsapura ring Samprangan wewidangan Gianyar. Puri punika wantah bekas posko perjuangan Mahapatih Gajahmada ngaonang Prabu Bedahulu.

Ring rahina Purnama Kapat, Ida Dalem Shriaji Kresna Kepakisan, malinggih ring balairung kraton kasarengin olih para mantri miwah patih kraton. Ring pantaraning para jana punika Arya Kenceng putran Arya Damar san kadadosang penguasa ring Tabanan, Arya Sentong ring Pacung, Arya Beleteng ring Pinatih, Arya Kutawaringin ring Kapal, Arya Binculu ring Tangkas, Arya Pakisan ring Abiansemal, Arya Belog ring Kaba-kaba, miwah tiga prajurit san mawasta Tan Kober, Tan Kawur miwah Tan Mundur. Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan kadadosang Raja Bali ring warsa 1352 M olih Ratu Majapahit Tribhuana Tunggadewi. Ida mrentah nyantos warsa 1380 Masehi. Duk punika Arya Kenceng nganggen kembang cempaka ijo. Ida Dalem marasa liang pisan rikala ida nyingakin Arya Kenceng sedek nyunting bunga cempaka ijo. Duk punika ida rumasa duka pisan, duaning wenten makudang-kudang anak saking golongan Parisi sane sampun pracaya ring Ida Hyang Yesus, misadia nyengkalen Ida. Kacritayang Ida Sang Prabu Arya Kenceng ngenahang upakara-upakara ring ajeng ida sang prabu, mangda ida sang prabu ledang tur subakti ring ida. Duk punika taler Shri Raja ngukum Patih Arya Kenceng antuk kawajiban nyabran rahina nyaga balairung.

Geger ring Balai Puri Dalem Samprangan punika katarka sampun mamargi duk warsa 1360. Ngawit saking daweg punika Arya Kenceng rumasa sedih pisan tur sering ngeling ritatkala eling ring pianaknyan san kasayangang san mawasta Ngurah Tabanan. Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa sampun ngamertanin Sang Putra, tur Ida Sang Putra ngamertanin Sang Putra.

Shri Prabu Astasura Ratna Bumi Banten inggih punika wastan Raja Bedahulu. Ida taler kasengguh Dalem Bedahulu utawi Shri Tapolung.

Sasampune sue, raris rauh masannya Ida Sang Prabu Arya pacang nampi sih pasuecan Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. Kaceritayang Ida Dalem madue putra lanang sane wawu mekedekan mayusa solas sasih. Anake alit punika gelis pisan nyusup. Sang pangempon mapesengan Ni Dasa Dasih. Putra Dalem taler sayan raket ring Arya Kenceng duaning sering pisan kairingin. Risedek rahina anu, ida sang prabu mapakayunan jaga ngluputang raga. Sedek rahina anu, rikala Ida Dalem malinggih ring ajeng para patih, tan dumade putrane punika kamedalang saking punggung Sang Prabu. Malih ida nguncarang mantra sane marupa mantra pangastawa, sane marupa: Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa ngamertanin Sang sane rauh masrana kawisesan Idane . Raris katampekin olih Arya Kenceng ri tatkala ngangkat putran punika tegeh saking punggung Ida Dalem ri tatkala nunas pangampura saking ungkur Raja. Rikala Sang Prabu Sriwijaya nyingak, ida ngaksi wenten gubug ring ungkur idane. Ida Dalem duka pisan, raris ngandika: Beneh pisan ragane sampun nureksain, sane mangkin santukan okan tiange sampun malaksana iwang raris ngrangsuk bahu tiange, sakadi sane kasurat ring lontar Raja Nitisaloka Sang Mabiksu, daweg ida sang prabu sampun ngangge busana agung pinaka pamucuk panegara, nenten dados anake alit punika ngusud bahu raja, anake alit punika keni pinakit kusta. Nah, adi Arya Kenceng ajak pianak icange ene, anggon pianak icange ane lakar anggon cening pianak, anggon paican icange teken api ane misi tenggek bantenge, apang ia dadi nyama braya ajak pianak icange I Gusti Ngurah Tabanan. Sane mangkin titiang ngicen ida pesengan Arya Dalem Baansuluk Tegehkuri. Napi malih upacara Raja Putri punika patut ngangge . Ri kala punika tan sida antuk antuk titiang nyaritayang rasa bagia atman I Gusti Agung Arya Kenceng antuk ngamolihang putra lanang sane bagus rupa tur wicaksana pisan. Malarapan antuk bakti, titiang mapinunas mangda iratu ngandikayang okan Dalem budal, kairingang antuk Ngurah Tabanan. Punika san kasurat ring Rontal Prasasti Babad Dalem Tabanan Tegehkori. Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa sampun mapaica kamenangan ring tiang marep ring meseh-meseh tiange, tur sampun nyelik tiang saking pantaran meseh-meseh tiange. Darah sane membah ring Arya Dalem Bansuluk Tegehkori turun-temurun tetep dados rah Ida Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan, Mangkin sampun langkung saking nem abad sampun lintang, makasami katurunan genetis Ida mawali eling pacang setata rauh ngaturang sembah bakti ring Ida Bhatara Kawitan Dalem Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan ring Pedharman Besakih miwah Nunas Ica Kajang Kawitan ring Puri Agung Klungkung ritatkala ngelaksanayang pitra yadnya. Sasampun makelo-kelo masemeton sareng Ngurah Tabanan, raris medal pikobet ring pantaran ipun . Arya Tabanan ngelah kurenan, ia jeles dikira kurenanne demen teken Arya Dalem Baansuluk. Arya Dalem marasa sedih pisan, raris lunga ka Gunung Batur jagi ngamargiang tapa brata. Sasampun makudang-kudang masa magenah irika, Ida Batara ngic nin titiang panugrahan ring Gunung Batur marupa genah kapur sirih. Sang Arya Dalem sampun kasengguh waduk kapur. Yening Ida Sang Arya Dalem jagi ngranjing irika, anggan idane pacang sayan ngreredang. Yen ia suud ngigel, ia lakar buin ngenah buka ane suba-suba. Kadi asapunika kasaktian wadah kapur sirih anugerah Ida Bhatara Hyang Tolangkir, raris kadi puniki sabda Ida ring Arya Dalem Baansuluk: Nah, puniki anugeruh titiang marupa clepaka sakti, ditu cening ka Desa Tonjayu - Tanah Badeng. I Bendesa sareng semeton-semetonnyan meneng ring wewidangan punika, sakadi I Pasek Bendesa, Pasek Kubayan, Dangka, Ngukuhin, Tangkas miwah malih ipun durung madue raja. Ida Sang Nata Ratu sedek nglaksanayang upacara ring genah idane ngaturang aturan, punika awinan iratu mrika. Cening lakar kadegang dadi raja di gumi Badeng. Ngiringja iraga dados pamrentah, mangda iraga muponin sutrepti rahayu . Duaning asapunika Ida Batara Dewi Danu, raris Arya Dalem Baansuluk lunga nuju wewidangan Badeng utawi Badung. Sang sane jagi ngentosin Bali dados raja, patut polih panugrahan saking Ida Bhatara Dewi Danu Batur tur kasokong olih rakyate pinaka pengemban taksu jagat. Bhatara Kawitan Arya Dalem Bunculuk Tegehkuri sampun uning indik punika. Nanging napi mawinan ngawit saking Dinasti IV pastika w nten badai?

Ri sampun rauh ring wewidangan Badung sinah sampun wengi, raris ida ngranjing ka sanggah I Bendesa ring Tonja. Irika Ida ngenahang kakuasan ring ragan Idane, tur Ida ngastiti bakti, mangdane Ida prasida ngranjing ka guane sane kakardi antuk sesocan ring duur kori agunge punika. Dane mapinunas mangda kalugra ngrangsuk batu bata sane dalem punika. Benjang semengipun, rikala endag suryane, Ida Sang Nata Ratu nyingak wenten jembung ring duur kori agung idane. Wusan punika dane raris ngambil cakepane punika, tumuli kapejang. Raris wenten anak alit ngenahang sawane punika ring genah sane peteng dedet. Duk punika ugi, sang prabu kalintang angob manggihin katawahan sane kalintang ageng. Irika Sang Nata Ratu raris sumungkem ring ajeng idane, sarwi ngandika sapuniki: Duh Ratu Sang Nata Ratu Sang Hyang Widi Wasa Tan asue putrane lanang punika medal saking pameremane. Malih mawali ring kaw ntenannyan san riin. Cutetne ia anak jegeg, dueg, tur ngelah kuasa. In Balinese: Sayan makelo I Bendesa ngancan angob, ngaturang bakti teken sira Arya, lantas I Bendesa nakonin sira sujatine Ida Dalem Baansuluk lantas matemuang dewekne. Dan nlatarang indik ragan pinaka putra Ida Dalem Kresna Kepakisan ring Gelgel Swecapura. Ida masemeton sareng Arya Tabanan ring negara Tambangan Tabanan . Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa sampun mapaica dauh pangandika ring tiang ngeniang paindikan sane jaga margiang Ida. Ritatkala Sang Prabu mireng pangandikan Sang Arya kadi asapunika, ida rumasa sungsut ring kayun. Nah, y ning sampun k nten, Bapak Bupati jagi ngwentenang acara. D wa san ngic nin Ida punika marupa Selepa, boya marupa sanjata. Sawireh buat Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa sapakarsan Idane pasti kasidan. Sakancan katurunan Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa patut suka bungah ring kayun malantaran sih pasuecan Idane. Simbolis wangun selepa punika sampun kaukir ring puncak silih tunggil wangunan utama ring Pura Dalem Benculuk. Sasampun I Bendesa nglaksanayang upacara piodalan, digelis ida mapidarta sareng semeton-semeton ida, sakadi Pasek Gaduh, Kebayan, Dangka, Ngukuhin, Tangkas, indik kaperluan ngaryanin Ida puri miwah nyiapang penobatan Ida dados raja dados panguasa ring wewidangan Badeng utawi Badung, taler nglaporang ring ajeng Raja Bali Shriaji Kresna Kepakisan ring Gelgel Swecapura. Raja Gelgel taler setuju pisan. Ri tatkala kantun alit, Ida kawedalang saking kulawargannyan . Duk kantun anom, Ida Bhatara Ulun Danu Batur ngic nin panugrahan ring Ida Bhatara Ulun Danu Batur, raris Ida Bhatara Ulun Danu Batur nganikain Ida Bhatara Ulun Danu Batur dados Raja Badung I.

Mangda Ida prasida dados raja sane dahat mautama ring Nagara Badung, I Bendesa raris mapikayun pacang ngwangun puri sane patut kanggen Ida. Istana punika kawangun ring muncuk d sa utawi ring sisi kal r. Sasampun wangunan puri punika puput, Ida Arya Dalem Bansuluk raris jenek irika. Suluk maartos pinaka putra Dalem raris kaangkat dados anak alit olih Arya Kenceng. Sasampune ida mrentah makudang-kudang taun suenipun, raris wenten genah mabakti buat ngwangun palinggih-palinggih Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa kekalih. Genah mabakti ring Bhatara Gunung Agung kawangun ring sisi kangin pura. Genah mabakti ring Bhatara Dewi Danu Batur kakaryanin ring sisi kauh puri san mawasta Pura Batursari. Sari mateges puncak, inggih punika puncak gunung. Sasampun makudang-kudang masa Ida Arya Dalem taler ngamargiang pawiwahan. Sasampune punika, ida raris ngwangun puri sane lianan ring genah idane, tur puri punika taler wenten ring wewidangan idane. Sasampun wangunan puri san kaping kalih, dan kaaranin Puri Satria, pinaka cihna dan pinaka katurunan Ksatria, mawinan puri punika kaaranin Puri Satria. Istana Tegehkuri Dinasti I ring Tonja kawastanin Puri Dalem Benculuk. Ring puri sane wawu puput punika taler kawangun kalih gerbang puri sane tegeh pisan, nenten wenten sane pateh ring sajebag Bali. Yening sampun rusak sinah meweh pisan mecikang malih, minab sangkaning punika Ida Sang Prabu mapakayun ngwangun pamedal sane tegeh pisan ring Pura Satria, mangda manut ring parab Ida Sang Prabu sane mecikang ring Pura Tegehkori. Ri sampun su malinggih ring Satria, Ida Tegehkori VII madu oka kakalih inggih punika okan istri miwah okan lanang. Anake istri sane pinih duur mapesengan Ayu Genjot, sane ri tatkala punika kantun mayusa 15 tiban, salwiring asunipune kalintang ayu tur asri. Okan I Raden sane alitan mayusa 13 warsa. Ida Dalem marasa bagia tur liang pisan dados raja ring jagat Badung. Kawicaksanan ida sang prabu ring Puri Satria kalintang ageng. Kadi asapunika kawentenan I Gusti Tegehkori. Dinasti Arya Tegehkori nglimbak ring Badung salami limang tiban. Raja V inggih punika I Gusti Tegeh Tegal Kutha.

Mangkin Arya Tabanan madeg nata ring Negeri Tambangan Tabanan tur madu putra mahkota san mawasta Ngurah Rangong. Santukan ajinnyane, inggih punika Murah Tabanan keni pinakit ageng, raris ipun magingsir ka d sa Kebon Tingguh. Pangapti Raja Rangong wantah nyantosang galah pacang dados Raja Tambang. Arya Tabanan su meneng ring Kebon Tingguh, kalayunin olih Luh Bendesa saking D sa Buahan. Duk punika Luh Bendesa kajepit olih Arya Tabanan tur raris mobot. Saking pasemetonan punika raris Luh Bendesa ngembasang putra lanang san kawastanin I Gusti Pucangan. Pucang inggih punika jambe, jambe inggih punika woh, santukan ibunnyane saking D sa Buahan. Jero bendun sami pada liang, santukan putra mahkota sampun jumeneng nata ring Puri. Ri sampun Arya Tabanan seda, s dan ngutang kulit san tipis tur tuh kules , mawinan sasampun s dan punika ida kasub antuk mur Makules. Sasampun Arya Tabanan matilar, Ngurah Rangong sebet pisan mikayunin semetonnyan san mapesengan I Pucangan, mangda n nten dados raja ring Tambangan. Pang ran Rangong mautsaha mangda I Pucangan gelis padem. Ring jabaan Istana Minang, w nten wit wilangan san becik pisan. Sang Prabu Ngurah Rangong raris ngandikayang semeton idane I Pucangan mangda ngetep carang-carang tarune punika. Nanging dane tan nyidayang nuturang indike punika ring sapasira jua, santukan dane sami jejeh ngetor. Ngawit saking punika I Gusti Pucangan kawastanin I Gusti Bagus Alit Notor Wandira. Sang Corah sayan maweweh-weweh kasedihannyane, santukan ipun tansah ngrereh jalaran buat niwakin pamarginipune sane corah. Sangsara punika nentenja mapikenoh. Yadiastun anak punika ririh, sak wanten ipun setata polih paplajahan. Kawicaksanan spiritual miwah kawicaksanan emosional, yening kawicaksanaan punika kajantenang becik, taler kawicaksanaan ring pamineh, prasida dados sarana san mabuat pisan. Y ning kayun, pastika prasida, tur pamargi san kapertama wantah pamargi san becik utawi n nten becik.

Duaning tan sida malih antuk ipun nanggehang, ipun raris malaib saking Puri Tambangan nuju Panerajon. Saking Panerajon nuju Gunung Batur. Ring sisin Danu Batur medal Ida Bhatari Tolangkir san mabaos kadi asapuniki: Duh Pucangan, napi awinan Palungguh IRatu rauh mriki saha sepi?? . I Gusti Pucangan menjawab : Ratu, titiang rumasa kalintang sengkala. Iparekan titiange maderbe nyama muani asiki, sane kapisara madeg ratu antuk ajin titiange. Sakewanten titiang keni panyengkala saking semeton titiang I Gusti Rangong . Ida Batari malih ngandika : Yening cening satia teken bapa, tulunginja bapa apanga tiang nyidayang nglintangin tukade ane dalem, tur jalanangja tiang ka Gunung Batur. . I Gusti Bagus Alit menjawab : terbenamlah rasane diri hamba . Kaputusan ida, Ida Bhatari kalugrain tur mamargi rahayu nglintangin danu nyujur Gunung Batur. Ida Bhatari maosang : Duh Ratu, Palungguh IRatu sampun mapaica kamenangan ring titiang marep ring meseh-meseh titiange, tur Palungguh IRatu sampun mapaica kamenangan ring titiang marep ring meseh-meseh titiange. Kema cening ka Gelgel tur matiang musuh Ida Dalem marupa gagak, sawireh ia sering ngrusak ajengan Shri Raja. Antuk panah miwah tumbak puniki ragane jaga mademang bangkene punika. Yen sampun puput, Pucangan pacang dados raja ring Tanah Badeng. .

Kaw ntenan punika mamargi rikala Kerajaan Bali san magenah ring Klungkuug kapimpin olih Dalem Anom Sagening 1580-1665 san madu puri ring Puri Swecapura. Raja Badung duk punika inggih punika I Gusti Tegehkori V I Gst Tegeh Tegal Kutha . Suksman Ida Bhatara miwah pamutus saking Raja Bali inggih punika modal utama san kapolihang olih Kiyayi Pucangan Merik sajeroning ngamolihang jayanti ngamolihang kuasa.

Tan asue Ida Bhatari ical, raris I Gusti Pucangan nglanturang pamarginnyane, kasarengin antuk pangiring sane mawasta I Tambiak saking Gunung Batur nuju Puri Swecapura ring Gelgel. Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa raris masabda ring dane, sapuniki: Kita tusing lakar maan duman cecatu . I Gusti Pucangan lantas matolihan tur ngaku sanggup ngamatiang gagak san sering ngusak-asik ajeng-ajengan raja. Ida Dalem angob pisan, raris mataken: Puniki semeton tiange saking dija, tur sira wastane? . Pucangan menjawab : Inggih ratu, titiang puniki I Pucangan saking Desa Buahan, pianak Arya Tabanan Mur Makules. Panjak anyar rauh saking Gunung Batur , Dane raris nartayang indik kawentenan danene ngawit saking wau lekad kantos rauh mangkin. Daweg punika ugi Ida Dalem eling malih ring indik sane sampun-sampun tur ida rumasa liang pisan ring manah duaning wenten anak sane jagi nulungin ida ngebug manuk gagak punika. Benjangne rakyate sami pada mapunduh ring ajeng Ida Sang Prabu Dalem. Benjang semengipun wenten guak rauh sane pacang ngrusak ajeng-ajengan Ida Sang Prabu. I Gusti Pucung gelis ngaluncurang pianakne sane pinih keliha, tepat ring dasar kampid paksi punika kantos pegat. Ri sampun katempuh antuk andus, Ida Sang Prabu raris nitahang mangda kamedalang antuk kuburan , mawinan manuk gagak punika raris padem. Manuk gagak ketah kaangg pralambang peteng, piduka miwah pati.

Wusan punika, sampunang malih madaya seneng ring Sang Raja. Nah, sekarang oleh karena demikian besar baktimu Pucangan kepadaku Sasampune punika wau semeton makta aturan wewalungan. Malih Ida ngandika: Apa ane tunas cening? . Inget I Pucangan teken raos Ida Bhatari Tolangkir dugas mapupul di Gunung Batur ane lakar maang wewidangan di Badung. Punika mawinan I Gusti Pucangan nunas mangda kapicayang genah ring wewidangan Badung. Ida Sang Prabu ledang pisan mapaica, raris ida ngandika: Becik pisan pinunas ragane punika Pucangan, malih punika ring Tanah Badung paman ragane Arya Tegehkori ring Puri Satria mrentah. Becikan ragane lunga mrika. Kemaja majalan. . Sambil ngaturang sembahyang I Pucangan nunas ica nuju daerah Badung tepatnya ring umah I Kaki Bendesa Lemintang ring Desa Lemintang. Hambatan adalah tantangan, tantangan adalah ujian, ujian adalah pintu keberhasilan. Ketabahan cerdas emosional dan ketenangan cerdas spiritual keduanya itu disenyawakan dengan cerdas berfikir intelegensi , hasilnya adalah keberhasilan.

Malih I Kaki Dewi Lintang matur ring Sang Prabu indik pangrauh I Gusti Pucangan. I Gusti Tegehkori Dinasti IV girang pisan nerima pangrauh anak alitn punika, I Gusti Pucangan kaic n hadiah rakyat 250 diri antuk ngwangun puri ring sisi kelod kauh Puri Satria. Istana san anyar punika kawastanin Puri Jambe, duaning I Gusti Pucangan magenah irika. Teges kruna pucangan pateh sareng jambe inggih punika woh, santukan ibunnyane mawit saking D sa Buahan. Ri sampun I Gusti Pucangan kadadosang Punggawa ring pemerintahan Tegehkori, raris putri raja san mawasta Ratu Ayu Genjot kaambil olih putra I Gusti Pucangan. Duk punika Raja Mangui taler nganten sareng Ratu Ayu Genjot putri Arya Dalem Tegehkori IV ring Puri Satria Tegal . Nanging duaning rumasa tan seneng ring Raja Mangui santukan kasub Kerajaan Mangui, raris Raja Mengwi kaic nin putri. Rikala Raja Mengui makta sarana upacara pinangan, raris kapiragi olih I Gusti Pucangan. Duk punika ida raris munduhang wadua balan idane buat jaga ngebug benteng kotane. Para Arya Pangalasan Mangui mautsaha pacang nyaga, sak wanten para Puri Satria milih nilar puri. Saking gelis pisan sang nata ring Tegehkori V ngicalang santukan nenten prasida nahanin pidukan prajurit I Gusti Pucangan Merik . Wantah limang diri ring wengi sane peteng punika Arya Dalem Tegehkori V I Gusti Tegeh Tegal Kutha ngluputang raga kasarengin olih permaisuri miwah makakalih putrannyan miwah sawitrannyan san mawasta si Munang. Pangrauh ida nenten makta barang, wantah kotak prasasti sane marupa pusaka saking Puri Satria sane kaambil ida. Raja Badung san wicaksana nyerah, n nten malih ngamedalang rah. Sang Prabu raris medal saking puri, tur ida nenten malih kabinawa, ida raris nilar rakyate, tur ida nenten malih kawastanin sang prabu. Ida wantah makta geginan asiki, inggih punika pepayasan.

Puniki babad Dinasti VII sane ngungsi Denbukit Buleleng kantos dados Punggawa Pengastulan I.

Tigang rahina suennya Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa makolem ring tengah alase ring pagunungan, tur okan danene punika sedekan seda, santukan dane nenten polih ajengan. Para rombongan kulawarga Raja Badung punika rauh ring D sa Mambal tur langsung lunga ka umah anak san maparab I Pengkoh. Kelian Pengkoh miwah kulawarganipun seneng pisan nampi tamiu san kahormatin punika. Selami duang dasa rahina rombongan Raja meneng ring umah kepala desa Mambal. Duk punika masan endang pisan, tur gandume sampun ical. San kantun wantah kotoran bikul san kacampur kulit itik, kurenan I Kelian Pengkoh wantah manggihin punika. I Kelian Pengkoh nyiapang panci di pawon anggona nganakin nasi. Irika raris wenten toya ngecor ring sisin semere, nanging daane punika nenten