• world, country, everything, area
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

gumine jani suba ngancan ngwayahang
No translation exists for this example.

Napi wastan gumine niki?
[example 1]
What is the name of this area?

Calabingkah beten biu; Belah-belahan pane; Belah-belahan paso; Gumi linggah, ajak liu; Ada kene, ada keto.
[example 2]
Broken pieces of clay under the banana plant; Broken pieces of a big clay bowl; Broken pieces of a small clay bowl; The world is wide, with many people; Like this, like that.

Pianake dua ento matungkasan pesan solahe, tan bina cara gumi teken langit. Solah Ni Bawang ajak Ni Kesuna matungkasan pesan, tan bina cara yeh masanding teken apine. Wacen sajangkepnyane ring
[example 3]
Their two daughters are polar opposites of each other, as contrasting as the earth and heaven. Ni Bawang’s personality differed markedly with that of Ni Kesuna’s, as antithetical as water to fire. Please read the whole story at

Tiang dot nawang adake dewek tiange ane lenan di gumine ene.
[example 4]
I wonder if there’s another me somewhere in the world.

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