• seller, general word, usually qualified to specify goods sold, e.g. dagang be = meat or fish seller, dagang jukut = vegetable seller, etc.
Unknown [edit]
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Sing tawanga ibane uluk-uluka teken dagang bungkung wiadin pangalune uling dija kaden.

Di rainane. dagang woh-wohane lais pesan.

Dija jani madagang dagang bungane?
[example 1]
Means "sellers sick because of the fire", referring to those sellers who cook the food they sell and are near the fire and smoke all day long and are often sick because of that.

Dados kenten, Mbok ? Dagang sane lenan samian kari ngadol roko.
[example 2]
Why is that, Sister? The other vendors, they all still selling cigarette.

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