• usually used with relatives, e.g. meme = mother, but I Meme = Mother, my Mother. The word can also be used with animals or even plants, but usually is not. ex: i cicing = my dog. It must be used before all proper names of men, just as Ni must be used before proper names of women
  • ex: I Wayan Darsana. In this usage the word signifies only whether the person referred to is male or female
  • in the past.
  • prefix to a noun indicating that it belongs to the speaker or bears the relationship specifically to the speaker that the noun implies
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Aa, uli i telun, anake suba manyi di umane ane badelodan.
[example 1]
Yes, since three days ago, they were harvesting at the southern rice field area.

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