• stupid, ignorant, not able to do something well, being carried on someone's back
  • said about a person who follows someone else blindly in order to get whatever that person gives him
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Yadiapin tiang belog tiang masih bisa nulung.
[example 1]
Though I'm unintelligent I'm still able to help.

Yen ada murid-murid ane..belog atau ane nakal, engken biasane caran Pak ngo(rah)in? Hukum Pak atau engken?
[example 2]
If you had a student that was...stupid or naughty, in what way would you handle it? Would you punish him or what?

Belog-belog magandong.
[example 3]
PROVERB: If a person is "belog-belog magandong" he pretends he doesn't know anything, whereas he actually does. He does this for selfish reasons, because he hopes that others, seeing his stupidity, will pity him and give him what he wants. The idea is that he is carried on the backs of others because of his pretended stupidity - i.e., they help him by, so to speak, carrying him on their backs.

belog ajum
[example 4]
'belog' means stupid and 'ajum' means praise and together they refer to someone who isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer who loves to be praised.

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