l k(,
  • material out of which something is made
  • will, shall
pacang, jagi
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

kayune to dadi anggon lakar meja,
[example 1]
No translation exists for this example.

Tiang lakar ke peken.
[example 2]
I will go to the market. Note that this is different from "Tiang tonden ke peken" (I have not yet gone to the market) or "Tiang suba ke peken" (I have already gone to the market.

Lakar kija mangkin?
[example 3]
Now where will you want to go?

Beli wenten napi mriki? Yoga: Beli lakar motret dini. Lakar anggon Beli bareng pameran di galeri.
[example 4]
What brings you here (Lit. What brings Brother here)? Yoga: I am going to take pictures here (Lit. Brother is going to take pictures here). I’m going to use them for the exhibition at the gallery (Lit. Brother is going to use them for the exhibition at the gallery).

Nggih, yakti, benjang tiang lakar nangkil mrika. Mawinan mangkin tiang numbas woh-wohan anggen lakar banten.
[example 5]
Yes, true, tomorrow I plan to go there. That’s why I am going to purchase various fruits to be used for the offerings.

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