• lontar palm, Borassus flabellifer (Palmae)
  • the unopened flower buds are tapped for a sugary juice from which sugar or tuak is made, the spherical fruits may be eaten
  • leaves of a palm used a pages of books, also called lontar, upon which the sacred Hindu books are written
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Lontar usada mawasta taru pramana.
Traditional medicine is described in palm leaf manuscripts called Taru Pramana.

Nggih, wastane lontar usada taru pramana. Siosan punika taler titiang polih kaweruhan saking tetamian para leluhure sane nguni.
[example 1]
Yes, it’s called an herbal manuscript. I inherited the knowledge also from my ancestors.

Niki wantah utsaha nglestariang Lontar sane sida ngajegang budaya Baline
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Nyingakin, ngwacen, tur nulis aksara ring lontar, inggih punika utsaha sane dados iraga laksanayang anggen nglestariang lontar.
[example 2]
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