• traditional words said at the end of a prayer, with the wish that the mind be at peace
  • Ongkara is the name of this sacred symbol which is in Sanskit rendered as oṁ. According to Sanskrit sandhi rules it represents blending of three sounds, namely a, u, m which in their turn represent the Trimurti, or Trinity. Brahma is symbolised as A, Viṣṇu as U and Śiva as M.
  • holy word used to begin prayers
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Om swastiastu.
Traditional greeting, like "shalom". Literally, "Hopefully all will be unharmed."

⚙ Usage examples pulled from the Virtual Dictionary

In Balinese:   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

In English:   That's the story of the fool and stubborn like the monkey.

In Indonesian:   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

In Balinese:   Om Swastiastu.

In English:   Om Swastiastu.

In Indonesian:   Om Swastiastu.