• price, often used with the word "kuda" to mean "how much" (Noun)
  • father (Alus Singgih: high level of balinese language) (Noun)
  • value
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Aji kuda akilo?
How much is the price of one kilo?

Aji kuda niki?
[example 1]
How much is this?

Putra: Aji kuda nika sewane? Made: Oh, sewane aji duang dasa tali awai, Gus.
[example 2]
Putra: How much is the rental fee? Made : Oh, the rental fee is for twenty thousand for a day, Brother.

Suba keto, mara tapinin aji ngiu.
[example 3]
After that, we separate the seed using the bamboo tray.

Putih-putihan pamore apepel aji keteng.
[example 4]
White lime costs only one keteng for each pepel. [proverb] Pepel is a measure for selling lime. It is one more or less round blob, such as those sold for use with buah and base in the market. Same word used for cylinder of palm sugar. A keteng is a coin of very small value. The idea is that, although lime is the desirable color, white, nevertheless, you can buy a lot of it for very little money. Thus something that is pretty on the outside may be of no value. Keteng is the same as kepeng.

No translation exists for this example.

Nyoman : Om Swastiastu, Bu!

Ibu: Ye, Nyoman, kaden nak nyen! Engken, engken Man? Nyoman : Baang meli biune ene Bu, aijas. Ibu: Oh, meli biu, amen biu ene aji selae (Rp 25.000), amen biu ene aji duang dasa. Ane cen kal alih, Man? Nyoman: Ane ene, gede-gede. Ibu: Ngelah gen nenenan! Nyoman: Kresek sik! Ibu: Sing dadi nganggon kresek, sing ada kresek. Nyoman sing nawang to ba kreseke to ba ngae leteh gumi Bali! Jog sing nawang apa Nyoman nenenan! Nyoman: *ngaba biu nganggon bajune

Ibu: Ngelah gen Nyoman totonan.
Nyoman: Om Swastiastu, ma'am!

Mother: Eh Nyoman, I guessed anyone! How, how can I help you, Man? Nyoman: I want to buy one banana, ma'am Mother: Oh, you want to buy a banana, this banana costs Rp. 25,000, and this banana costs Rp. 20,000. Which one do you want, Man? Nyoman: This one, the bigger. Mother: Ah, you are joking, Man! Nyoman: One crackle bag please! Mother: You can't use a crackle bag, it's not available here! Nyoman, doesn't you know? This crackle bag is what makes Bali's earth dirty! You dont know such a thing, Man! Nyoman: *carrying a banana in his shirt

Mother: He is so funny

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