• get, obtain, is gotten, was obtained, by
  • As a preposition, baan can also mean "because of", "as a result of", "through" or "by means of" (an agent or an instrument).
  • a board or plank
baan; teken
antuk; olih
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Surat en baan I Kambang.
This letter is for Kambang.

Ne jani, isinin ngiune baan padi. Eda bes bek, nyanan telah ulung padine.
[example 1]
Now, fill the bamboo tray with rice, but don’t put too much, or a lot off rice will fall off late.

Baan takutne ia tusing teka.
[example 2]
He didn't come because he was afraid.

Sampine baan tiang meti.
[example 3]
I got the cow by buying it.

Sing baan tiang mangkihan.
[example 4]
Breathing is not by me = I can't breathe = I have lost my breath (because of strenuous exercise).

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