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Foto-Ulian Virus Corona Tiang Luntang-Lantung Buka Cicing Berung

Foto-Ulian Virus Corona Tiang Luntang-Lantung Buka Cicing Berung
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      In English

      Because of the Corona virus, my life is hanging out. Returning to the village, I felt like I was kicked out. Returning home from childhood to adolescence, was also feared, not to mention being fined. It's really sad when told about the impact of this corona virus. Because of this virus, my husband who initially worked at a hotel now stopped working, in the Indonesian language, the term is "dirumahkan" or returned to the home. Hopefully it doesn't end in getting laid off.

      Since then, my husband has invited me and the children to return to my hometown, to my husband's house. My husband meant that we would stay in the village while farming, while also being able to help his parents work in the fields. Why do you have to live in an overseas boarding house, no longer working, no salary. Fortunately, the owner of the boarding house gives relief to pay half the price. Upon arrival in the village, my family was happy to see me, my husband and children return home healthy. The happiness of gathering with family cannot be expressed. But happiness is only a moment. Because the residents had seen my husband looking for grass in the rice fields that afternoon, suddenly there were already many rumors in the village. In the evening, village officials came to our house, asking that my family undergo quarantine at home for two weeks, not being able to travel. The advice of the village apparatus is correct and very good, I will live it, so that all the relatives, neighbors, and all other villagers can be safe and sound.

      The next day, my ears were hot to hear the scorn of a neighbor, they said that my husband could carry the virus because he had worked in tourism. On social media, a lot of citizens teased my family. Only then did he return to his hometown, his heart was restless, "Tomorrow morning take me to my childhood home with my three children. My heart is restless. I feel like a dog with boils because of this virus. We even became the source of neighbors' talk. It's better if we give in so that it doesn't continue into a fight later! "

      Once I complained to my husband that night because my heart was restless and I could not sleep at the thought of the gossiping neighbors out there. I see my children who are still small, three of them had slept soundly. Tomorrow we will be invited to go again to my childhood home and avoiding frivolous gossiping. The next morning my children and I brought lots of things to my childhood home using a motorbike. I don't have a car, only property that we acquired here and there. My parents-in-law were very sad to see us go. The sadness that I felt was instantly gone when I arrived at my childhood home. My mother approached, then held my youngest child. I did not tell my parents about what made me go home that day. My children and I will stay in the house for up to a month until the virus is completely gone. That day my husband left for our boarding house, intending to find odd jobs so that there was additional income. It wasn't good to return to my hometown because of the scorn of people in his village.

      That night, the Covid-19 Task Force patrolled homes, as well as my house. There was no thought in my mind that I would be suddenly asked to leave quickly, but in my childhood village I am no longer allowed to visit because I am married, married to a man from another village, so now I am a guest here. Then I was given rules about COVID-19 countermeasures. I read it. It is true that villagers should not receive guests. I regret that my mother did not tell from the beginning, before my husband returned from our boarding house. I read the regulation again, it says that if there are guests who insist on visiting, they will be fined two hundred thousand rupiah. Especially if it is known that my husband works in tourism, the Task Force Team is becoming increasingly vigilant. I was asked to leave quickly so as not to spread the corona virus.

      I was very sad at the time, I immediately informed my husband via Whatsapp to pick me up the next morning. Fortunately I still had an internet quota. Because of COVID-19 returning home means being fined two hundred thousand rupiahs. Luckily my mother had money saved so my mother bore the fine. I feel like a dog with an ulcer. Wherever I go, will be expelled. This sadness is unbearable, never sleeps well at night.

      I keep asking God to show me the best way, and also ask that the corona virus that caused this pandemic be gone soon. The next day, my husband came to pick me up, he had just arrived to give me two hundred thousand rupiah to pay the fine. It's such a pity to see my husband here and there, limping around looking for a place to stay. I didn't ask where I was going to go, I was resigned, as long as the children got a place to rest, I didn't care anymore if the neighbors say things to my family. I will thicken my ears.

      My husband invited my children and I to go to the hills. Under the thatched roof, my husband stopped. "We're staying here for a while, Luh, so our ear don't get too hot. Now we are no longer ulcers, driven to and fro. This is the rice field that I rented, I always hid it, never told you. My parents also don't know yet, I'm ashamed, anyway it's just rented land. The ones who are hoeing and mowing the lawn are all my co-workers. We jointly rent land here. Now together we live and grow crops here. Now you can relax here, Luh, but accept this thatched hut, but it is still cool to rest. Likewise, there is no toilet at this lodge, we will take a bath in a well, there is a clear spring in the south, the water can be drank directly ”. So said my husband when he got there.

      Instantly my tears dripped. If you say it's sad, that's for sure. If you say happiness, there is also a little happiness. It's true, that because of the corona virus, it's hard to get together with family. But now I am excited, I have a passion for work. Luckily my children are not fussy. My husband is also very diligent in working. Corn and sweet potatoes, which we planted every day, are now ready to be harvested. Every day my family eats corn and sweet potatoes. Sometimes we eat yam rice, sometimes steamed, sometimes also fried, which is important not stomach growling. There are vegetables also so that there is also income. I sell sweet potato chips. I make them. My eldest son is also diligent in helping, and my husband is in charge of taking him to the stalls. God still gives grace, even though we only sells sweet potato chips, sometimes sells corn and vegetables so my family never goes hungry. Especially now that it is approaching normal, my husband has started working again all the time. When I its my turn to work, my husband also brings my homemade chips to offer to his friends there. I think when we have entered a new normal period, if everything returns to its original condition, I want to stay here. Little by little I know how to make a living, so that my husband can just make a living overseas.

      My hope to all of you, although there is still a corona virus, do not be afraid. Let's live the obligations that can be done! Health protocols must still be implemented, such as diligently washing hands, using masks, and keeping a distance. Brothers and sisters who lost their jobs, don't be too sad, because we are all affected. Let's keep trying, whatever the effort. The important thing is based on truth. If you want to try it will definitely get results. Don't overly choose work in the present, don't be shy. Don't just beg for help, ask for social assistance, ask for BLT. If you can't, don't make a fuss on social media, don't be like that. Don't like spreading false news. If I think about it, the news is scarier than the virus. Let's spread the good ones.

      I often encounter on social media, because of this virus, that people have become more creative. Some sell food, snacks, masks, clothes, and now many sell kites. That's great. For those who have better economic conditions, let's help those in need as much as possible. Hopefully this virus will quickly disappear, quickly disappear from the world. Hopefully everyone is healthy and safe, no one feels like being an ulcer dog who who has been driven out like I experienced. It was all because the citizens were on the alert, all were afraid, afraid of being exposed to the corona virus. There is no one to blame, our government, village officials, medical teams, and others must be working well. Maybe it's because of Rta Buana. Let's use this pandemic for self-introspection, to learn to improve ourselves, so that our lives will be better in the future. After the virus is completely gone, we will gather again with our family, gather and socialize, improve ourselves, apologize to each other, and forgive each other. I also no longer thought thinking about the scorn of my former neighbors. Maybe I'm actually wrong. Forgive my shortcomings. Thanks.

      In Balinese

      Ulian Virus Corona, idup tiange luntang-lantung. Mulih ka kampung, tiang buka katundung. Mulih ka umah bajang, masih patuh jeg jejehina, buina misi kena denda. Mula sebet pesan keneh tiange yen tuturang ulian panglalah Virus Coronane. Ulian ada viruse ene, kurenan tiange ane magae di hotel mareren magae, cara bahasa Indonesiane orahanga dirumahkan. Dumadak ja sing nglantas kena PHK. Uli sekat ento, kurenan tiange ngajak tiang lan pianak-pianak tiange mulih ka kampung, ka umah kurenan tiange. Keneh kurenan tiange lakar di kampung malu ngoyong sambilang maabian, keto masih nyidaang nulungin reramanne magarapan di carike. Ngudiang men nongos di kost di rantauan, suba tusing magae, suba sing maan gajih. Aget masih tuan rumah ane ngelahang kose ngamaang mayah sewaane atengana. Neked di kampung, kulawargan tiange bagia krana nepukin tiang, kurenan, muah pianak tiange mulih seger oger. Sinah rasa bagia mapupul buin ngajak kulawarga sing nyidaang baan nyambatang. Nanging bagiane ento tuah akejep. Ulian kramane maan nepukin kurenan tiange ngarit ka carik sanjana ento, jeg saget iur ortane di desa. Petengne, prajuru desane teka mulih tiange, ngorahin apang kulawargan tiange makarantina malu di jumah duang minggu, tusing dadi pesu. Baos prajuru desane beneh lan luung pesan, ento lakar jalanang tiang, Apang pada-pada rahayu ngajak nyama, pisaga, muah krama desa ane lenan. Buin maninne, jeg kebus kuping tiange ningehang pakrimik pisagane, kurenan tiange kone bisa ngaba virus ulian magae di pariwisata. Di media sosial, liu tepukin status kramane buka nyindir kulawargan tiange. Tumben mulih kampung kenehe linglung, kanti masare sing luung. Bli, buin mani semeng atehang tiang ka umah bajang ngajak panak-panake maka telu. Inguh bayun tiange bli, buka cicing berung karasayang padewekan i raga ulian viruse ene. Jag dadi omongan pisaga. Luungan i raga ngalah apang sing nglantas dadi iyeg mani puan Keto tiang masadu ngajak kurenan tiange petengne ento ulian inguh kenehe sing nyidang masare ngenehang pakrimik pisagane di sisi. Kangen nepukin pianake ane nu cerik-cerik buka telu suba padaa ngengkis masare, buin manine lakar ajak buin luas ka umah bajang tiange, apang idongan ningeh pakrimik ane boya-boya. Buin mani semenganne tiang lan pianak tiange pagrenot payu atehanga ka umah bajang tiange negakin sepeda motor. Tiang sing ngelah mobil, tuah ento Arta Brama ane satia sesai ngatehang kulawargan tiange kemu-mai. Semu matuan tiange maka dadua sedih pesan ningalin pajalan tiange luas. Sebet ane karasayang prajani ilang disubane tiang neked di umah bajang tiange. Memen tiange nyagjagin tiang, lantas nyangkil panak tiange ane paling cerika. Tiang sing nyaritayang teken reraman tiange, unduk apa ane makada tiang mulih dinane ento. Tiang muah pianak tiange nyek lakar nongos malu di umah bajang tiange nyang abulan kanti viruse seken-seken ilang. Dinane ento kurenan tiange malipetan ka tongose ngkos, makeneh ngalih gae serabutan apang ada tambahan, krana suba sing luung kenehne yen buin malipetan nongos di kampung ulian pakrimik desane.

      Petengne, Satgas Penanggulangan Covid-19 patroli ka umah-umah kramane, keto masih ka umah tiange. Tusing ada nyet apa-apa di kenehe, tau-tau tiang orahina enggal-enggal magedi, krana di desan tiange tusing dadi matamiu. Tiang ane suba nganten, pakidih ngajak anak muani ka dura desa, jani suba madan krama tamiu. Tiang lantas edengina awig-awig unduk penanggulangan Covid-19 ento. Baca tiang, mula saja krama desane tusing dadi nrima krama tamiu. Ane dadi seselin tiang, ngudiang memen tiange tusing ngorahang uli itunian, satonden kurenan tiange mabalik ka kos? Buin baca tiang awig-awige ento, misi matulis, yen ada krama tamiu ane mamaksa matamiu alemeng, lakar kena denda satak tali rupiah. Apa buin maimbuh tawanga kurenan tiange magae di pariwisata, ngancam tangar Tim Satgase ditu. Tiang orahina enggal-enggal magedi apang sing ngae panglalah Virus Corona . Mimih, sebet pesan keneh tiange dugasne ento, prajani tiang ngabarin kurenan tiange lewat WA, apang nyemput tiang buin mani semengne, aget masih nu ngelah kuota. Ulian Covid-19, mulih ka umah bajang dogen madenda satak tali rupiah, kalud sing bekelina pipis nyang aketeng teken kurenane. Aget masih memen tiange ngelah sesepelan abesik, memen tiange malu ane mayahin dendan tiange ento. Seken-seken buka cicing berung karasayang padewekan tiange, kija-kija kena tundung. Sebete tusing nyidang nanggehang, sing taen nyak luung masare di petengne.

      Sing suud-suud tiang ngrastiti sareng Widhine mangda kaicen pamargi sane becik, keto masih nunas ica apang Virus Corona ane ngae grubug ene enggal ilang. Buin manine, kurenan tiange teka lakar nyemput tiang, mara enceg suba ngenjuhin tiang pipis satak tali rupiah anggo mayah denda. Pedalem pesan nepukin kurenan tiange cagcag-cigcig, luntang-lantung kemu mai ngalih tongos ngoyong. Tiang tusing nakonang lakar ajaka kija, tiang suba pasrah, ane pentiang pianake maan tongos masare, tiang sing peduli buin yen ada pisagane ngomong ane tidong-tidong teken kulawargan tiange. Jeg kal tebelang kopinge.

      Sing karasa, tiang lan pianak-pianake suba ajaka ka bukit-bukite teken kurenan tiange. Di kubu ane maraab baan ambengan ento, kurenan tiange mareren. Kanggoang jani dini malu nongos Luh, Apang idongan kebus kupinge. Jani iraga suba suud dadi cicing berung ane kemu mai kena tundung. Ene tanah carik beline ulian ngontrak, uli pidan beli mula ngengkebang, sing taen maorahan teken iluh. Reraman beline masih tonden orahin beli, lek atin beline, tanah baan ngontrak bakat tuturang. Ento ane sedang numbeg, ane ngarit padang, makejang timpal-timpal beline ane ajak magae. I pidan bareng-bareng ajak ngontrak tanah dini. Jani bareng-bareng masih kanggoang ajak nongos dini sambilang mabian. Tenang jani dini luh, kewala kanggoang kubu maraab ambengan nanging pasti ngae tis masare. Keto masih kubune tonden misi WC, kanggoang nyanan mandus di semere, ada klebutan ning delodne, yehne masih dadi langsung inum. Keto kurenan tiange mamunyi disubane neked di tongose ento.

      Prajani ngembeng yeh paningalan tiange. Yen orahang sebet, suba pasti sebet, Yen orahang bagia, misi masih bagia bedik. Dong suba ja, ulian Virus Corona i raga keweh mapupul ngajak kulawarga. Nanging bayun tiange prajani gede, jengah lakar magae. Panak-panak tiange aget masih nyak pada degeng. Kurenan tiange masih seleg pesan magarapan. Jagung muah selane ane pulane ipidan, jani suba sedeng pupu. Sabilang wai kulawargan tiange madaar jagung lan sela. Kanggoang anggon nasi sela, dikenkene lablab, dikenkene kuskus, dikenkene tambus, dikenkene goreng, ane penting basange tusing puyung. Lakar jukut masih aluh ngempok. Apang maan pipis, tiang lantas madagang kripik sela. Tiang ane ngae, panake ane keluhan masih seleg nulungin, kurenan tiange ane Maan tugas ngaba ka warung-warung. Sueca masih Widhine, yadiastun ulian madagang kripik sela, kapah-kapah ngadep masih jagung muah juku-jukut, sing kanti kulawargan tiange makenta. Apa buin jani suba makere new normal, kurenan tiange suba masih nyumuni magae kapah-kapah. Tat kala Maan giliran piket magae, kurenan tiange masih ngaba kripik pagaen tiange, tanjaanga teken timpal-timpalne ditu. Keneh tiange yen suba masan new normal, suba mabalik buin Ka jati mula, tiang lakar tetep nongos dini, suba kadung demen nongos di padesan, kesiran angine setata ngetisin dewek tiange, keto masih selah ngalih pipis suba tepukin tiang saka bedik, baang kurenan tiange dogen magae di rantauan.

      Pangaptin titiange sareng sameton sareng sami, yadiastun kari wenten Virus Corona, sampunang takut. Ngiring margiang swakarma sane prasida kamargian Protokol Kesehatan patut tetep margiang, sakadi rajin ngwajikin tangan, ngangge masker, ngamargiang pshycal distancing. Sameton sane kicalan pakaryan, sampunang kalintang sedih, duaning sareng sami keni sengkala kadi puniki. Ngiring tetep mautsaha, napi ja punika utsahane. Sane penting madasar antuk dhrama. Yening sampun kayun mautsaha pastika pacang mapikolih. Sampunang kalintang milih-milih pakaryan dumun ring kawentenan jagate sakadi puniki, sampunang kemad. Sampunang wantah naktakang tangan nunas wantuan, nunas bansos, nunas BLT. Yening ten polih, jeg uyut ring media sosial, nenten becik kadi punika. Sampunang cah-cauh nyobyahang gatra hoax. Yening manahang titiang, gatra-gatrane punika sane sereman sareng viruse. Ngiring unggahang sane becik-becik manten. Sakadi sampun akeh sane panggihin ring media sosial, sangkaning viruse puniki sametone sayan kreatif, Wenten madolan ajengan, sanganan, masker, busana, taler mangkin akeh madolan layangan. Becik pisan punika. Sane marasa kawentenan ekonomi e becikan, ngiring wantu saka Sidan sametone sane kirangan. Dumogi ja viruse puniki gelis ical, gelis pralina saking jagate. Dumogi sametone sami kenak rahayu, nenten wenten ngrasayang cicing berung keni tundung kadi caritan titiange i wawu. Punika sami sangkaning kramane tangar, sami jejeh, takut keni Virus Corona. Nenten wenten sane patut kaiwangang, pemerintah iraga, prajuru desa, tim medis, miwah sane tiosan pastika sampun makarya sane pinih becik. Minab puniki sangkaning Rta Buana. Ngiring mrana puniki anggen nyiksik bulu, anggen mlajahang dewek, mangda prasida sayan ngamecikang kauripane ka pungkur wekas. Ri sampune viruse sampun jakti-jakti Ical, irika iraga malih mapupul sareng kulawarga, mapupul manyama braya, mecikang karma, saling nunas iwang, saling ngampurayang. Titiang taler nenten malih mangetang raos pakrimik pisagane sane dumun-dumun. Minab titiang sujatinne jakti-jakti iwang. Ampurayang titiang i katunan. Matur suksma.

      In Indonesian

      Karena virus Corona, hidup saya luntang-lantung. Pulang ke kampung, saya merasa seperti diusir. Pulang ke rumah masa kecil hingga remaja, juga ditakuti, belum lagi dikenakan denda. Memang sedih sekali rasanya kalau diceritakan dampak virus corona ini. Karena ada virus ini, suami saya yang awalnya bekerja di hotel kini berhenti bekerja, kalau istilah bahasa Indonesianya “dirumahkan”. Semoga tidak berujung kena PHK. Sejak itu, suami saya mengajak saya dan anak-anak pulang ke kampung halaman, ke rumah suami saya. Maksud suami saya agar kami tinggal di kampung sambil bercocok tanam, sekaligus juga bisa membantu orang tua bekerja di sawah. Mengapa harus tinggal di kos rantauan, sudah tidak bekerja, sudah tidak mendapat gaji. Untungnya pemilik kosan memberi keringanan membayar setengah harga. Setibanya di kampung, keluarga saya bahagia melihat saya, suami dan anak-anak pulang dengan sehat. Maka rasa bahagia berkumpul bersama keluarga tidak bisa diungkapkan. Tetapi bahagia itu hanya sebentar. Karena warga pernah melihat suami saya mencari rumput di sawah pada sore itu, tiba-tiba sudah banyak desas-desus di desa. Malam harinya, perangkat desa datang ke rumah kami, meminta agar keluarga saya menjalani karantina di rumah selama dua minggu, tidak boleh bepergian. Nasehat perangkat desa itu benar dan bagus sekali, itu akan saya jalani, agar semua saudara, tetangga, dan seluruh warga desa yang lain bisa selamat dan sehat. Keesokan harinya, telinga saya panas mendengar cibiran tetangga, mereka mengatakan bahwa suami saya bisa membawa virus karena sempat bekerja di pariwisata. Di media sosial, banyak status warga yang menyindir keluarga saya. Baru saat itu pulang ke kampung halaman, hati ini resah, hingga merasa gelisah. “Bli, besok pagi antar saya ke rumah masa kecil saya bersama ketiga anak-anak. Hati saya resah Bli, saya merasa bagaikan anjing borok karena virus ini. Kita malah jadi omongan tetangga. Lebih baik kita mengalah agar tidak berlanjut menjadi pertengkaran nantinya!” Begitu saya mengadu kepada suami saya malam itu karena hati resah dan tidak bisa tidur memikirkan cibiran tetangga di luar sana. Iba rasanya melihat anak-anak saya yang masih kecil bertiga itu sudah tidur nyenyak, besok akan diajak pergi lagi ke rumah masa kecil saya, menghindari cibiran yang bukan-bukan. Besok paginya saya dan anak saya diantar membawa banyak barang ke rumah masa kecil saya menggunakan motor. Saya tidak punya mobil, hanya itu harta benda yang setia mengantar keluarga saya kesana-kemari. Raut wajah kedua mertua saya sedih sekali melihat kepergian saya. Sedih yang saya rasakan seketika hilang ketika saya tiba di rumah masa kecil saya. Ibu saya menghampiri, kemudian menggendong anak saya yang paling bungsu. Saya tidak menceritakan ke orang tua saya, tentang apa yang membuat saya pulang hari itu. Saya dan anak-anak saya akan tinggal di rumah itu hingga sebulan sampai virus itu benar-benar hilang. Hari itu suami saya bertolak ke kosan kami, berniat mencari pekerjaan serabutan agar ada tambahan penghasilan, karena sudah tidak bagus rasanya kembali ke kampung halaman karena cibiran orang di desa.

      Malam itu, Satgas Penanggulangan Covid-19 berpatroli ke rumah-rumah warga, begitu juga ke rumah saya. Tidak ada terbesit apa pun di pikiran saya, tiba-tiba saya diminta agar cepat pergi, karena di desa saya tidak boleh bertamu. Saya yang sudah menikah, dipinang oleh seorang pria ke desa lain, sekarang sudah berstatus warga tamu. Kemudian saya diberikan aturan-aturan tentang penanggulangan COVID-19 itu. Saya membacanya, memang benar warga desa tidak boleh menerima tamu. Yang saya sesalkan, mengapa ibu saya tidak memberitahu sejak awal, sebelum suami saya kembali ke kos? Saya baca peraturan itu lagi, tertulis bahwa, jika ada tamu yang memaksa bertamu sehari, akan dikenakan denda dua ratus ribu rupiah. Apalagi jika diketahui bahwa suami saya bekerja di pariwisata, Tim Satgas menjadi semakin waspada. Saya diminta lekas pergi agar tidak menyebarkan virus corona.

      Mimih, sedih sekali perasaan saya saat itu, seketika itu saya mengabari suami melalui WA, agar menjemput saya besok pagi, untung saja masih punya kuota internet. Karena COVID-19, pulang ke rumah masa kecil saja kena denda dua ratus ribu rupiah, terlebih lagi tidak diberikan bekal uang oleh suami. Untung saja ibu saya memiliki simpanan uang, ibu saya yang menanggung denda itu. Benar-benar seperti anjing borok yang saya rasakan, kemana pun saya pergi, akan diusir. Rasa sedih ini tidak tertahankan, tidak pernah tidur nyenyak pada malam hari.

      Tidak henti-hentinya saya memohon kepada Tuhan agar diberikan jalan terbaik, begitu juga memohon agar virus corona yang menyebabkan pandemi ini segera hilang. Keesokan harinya, suami saya datang untuk menjemput, baru saja tiba sudah memberi saya uang dua ratus ribu rupiah untuk membayar denda. Kasihan sekali melihat suami saya kesana-kemari, luntang-lantung kesana-kemari mencari tempat tinggal. Saya tidak bertanya akan diajak ke mana, saya sudah pasrah, yang penting anak-anak mendapat tempat beristirahat, saya tidak peduli lagi jika tetangga berkata yang bukan-bukan terhadap keluarga saya. Akan saya tebalkan telinga ini.

      Tidak terasa, saya dan anak-anak sudah diajak ke perbukitan oleh suami. Di saung yang beratapkan ilalang itu, suami saya berhenti. “Kita tinggal di sini untuk sementara, Luh, agar tidak terlalu panas telinga ini. Sekarang kita sudah tidak menjadi anjing borok lagi, kesana-kemari diusir. Ini tanah sawah yang aku sewa, sejak dulu aku menyembunyikannya, tidak pernah mengatakannya kepadamu. Orang tuaku juga belum tahu, aku malu, toh juga hanya tanah sewaan. Yang sedang mencangkul dan memotong rumput itu semua adalah teman-teman kerjaku. Dulu kami bersama-sama menyewa tanah di sini. Sekarang bersama-sama kita tinggal dan bercocok tanam di sini. Sekarang bisa tenang di sini, Luh, namun terimalah keadaan pondok beratap ilalang ini, tapi tetap sejuk untuk beristirahat. Begitu juga di pondok ini belum ada toilet, nanti kita mandi di sumur, ada sumber mata air yang jernih di sebelah selatan, airnya bisa langsung diminum”. Begitu kata suami saya sesampainya di sana. Seketika itu air mata saya menetes. Kalau dibilang sedih, itu sudah pasti. Jika dibilang bahagia, ada juga bahagia sedikit. Memang benar, karena virus corona, kita susah berkumpul dengan keluarga. Tetapi sekarang saya bersemangat, semangat untuk bekerja. Untungnya anak-anak saya tidak rewel. Suami saya juga sangat rajin bekerja. Jagung dan ubi yang ditanam saban hari, sekarang sudah siap dipanen. Setiap hari keluarga saya makan jagung dan ubi. Kadang makan nasi ubi, kadang juga dikukus, kadang juga dibakar, digoreng, yang penting perut tidak keroncongan. Sayur-sayuran juga tidak tinggal memetik. Supaya ada penghasilan, saya kemudian menjual kripik ubi. Saya yang membuatnya, anak sulung saya juga rajin membantu, dan suami saya bertugas membawanya ke warung-warung. Tuhan masih memberi anugerah, walaupun hanya menjual kripik ubi, kadang-kadang menjual jagung dan sayur-sayuran, keluarga saya tidak pernah kelaparan. Apalagi sekarang sudah menjelang normal baru, suami saya sudah mulai bekerja lagi sewaktu-waktu. Ketika mendapat giliran bekerja, suami saya juga membawa kripik buatan saya untuk ditawarkan ke teman-temannya di sana. Saya berpikir ketika sudah memasuki masa normal baru, jika sudah kembali ke kondisi semula, saya ingin tetap tinggal di sini, begitu juga cara mencari penghasilan sudah saya ketahui sedikit demi sedikit, biar suami saya saja yang mencari nafkah di perantauan.

      Harapan saya kepada saudara semua, walaupun masih ada virus corona, jangan takut. Mari jalani kewajiban yang bisa dilaksanakan! Protokol kesehatan harus tetap dilaksanakan, seperti rajin mencuci tangan, menggunakan masker, dan menjaga jarak. Saudara yang kehilangan pekerjaan, jangan terlalu sedih, karena kita semua terkena dampaknya. Mari tetap berusaha, apapun itu usahanya. Yang penting berlandaskan kebenaran. Kalau sudah mau berusaha pasti akan mendapat hasil. Jangan terlalu memilih pekerjaan di masa sekarang ini, jangan malu. Jangan hanya meminta-minta bantuan, meminta bantuan sosial, meminta BLT. Jika tidak dapat, malah ribut di media sosial, jangan seperti itu. Jangan suka menyebarkan berita bohong. Kalau saya pikirkan, kabar-kabar itu lebih seram dari virus. Mari sebarkan yang baik-baik saja.

      Seperti yang sering saya temui di media sosial, karena adanya virus ini, orang-orang menjadi lebih kreatif. Ada yang berjualan makanan, jajanan, masker, pakaian, dan juga sekarang banyak yang menjual layang-layang. Itu bagus sekali. Bagi yang merasa kondisi ekonominya lebih baik, mari membantu semampunya kepada orang yang membutuhkan. Semoga saja virus ini cepat hilang, cepat musnah dari dunia. Semoga semua orang sehat dan selamat, tidak ada yang merasakan menjadi anjing borok yang selalu diusir seperti cerita saya tadi. Itu semua karena warga waspada, semua takut, takut terpapar virus corona. Tidak ada yang bisa disalahkan, pemerintah kita, perangkat desa, tim medis, dan yang lainnya pasti sudah bekerja dengan baik. Mungkin ini karena Rta Buana. Mari gunakan pandemi ini untuk introspeksi diri, untuk belajar berbenah diri, agar kehidupan kita lebih baik dikemudian hari. Setelah virus ini benar-benar hilang, di sana kita berkumpul lagi bersama keluarga, berkumpul dan bermasyarakat, memperbaiki diri, saling minta maaf, dan saling memaafkan. Saya juga tidak lagi memikirkan tentang cibiran tetangga yang terdahulu. Mungkin saya sebenarnya memang salah. Maafkan kekurangan saya. Terima kasih.