• vegetables
  • to be green
  • common fern eaten as a vegetable
  • vegetable dish (in combination with another word: eg jukut ares, jukut undis, jukut kelor)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Majukut di tanah.
Literally: Growing vegetables in the ground; one important tree, the leaves and fruits of which are commonly used as a vegetable, is punyan kelor; the word lelor means tired, so that this expression means that one is tired.

Pilih jukut ane gadang, nah?
Please pick green vegetables, ok?

Niki mawasta buah bligo, buah niki dados anggon jukut.
This is called bligo (Ash Gourd or Benincasa hispida) and it can be used as a vegetable.

Selem-seleman jukut undise rasane bangkit.
[example 1]
A black undis vegetable has a balanced taste. [proverb] Undis is a sort of bean that has a black color and is bitter, but very delicious to eat. The meaning is that, although something may be black on the outside, inside it may be very good. Balinese consider black color to be very bad for people, food, etc.

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