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Kija Ke Tomate Magedi?

Naidi Atika Zundaro 
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In English

There are lots of vegetables in Kirin's garden. Corn, carrots and tomatoes. But one day all the tomatoes disappeared from Kirin's garden. Where do they go?

In Balinese

Liu ada punyan jukut di abiane Kirin. Ada jagung, wortel lan tomat. Sakewala nadak tomat-tomatne ilang makejang uli abiane Kirin. Kija ke tomat-tomatne magedi?

In Indonesian

Ada banyak sayur di kebun Kirin. Jagung, wortel dan juga tomat. Namun suatu ketika seluruh tomat menghilang dari kebun Kirin. Kemana kira-kira mereka pergi?


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