• eyelash
  • body hair
  • tree (Verbenaceae)
  • medium tree with hairy leaves that are used as a traditional external medicine. Leaves are boiled in water, which is then cooled and used for bathing baby to prevent feet from getting too cold
  • tree usualely found near the beach
  • mottled feathers, with more than one color in each
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ok, topik saya kali ini adalah tentang bulu. Jadi saya akan menjelaskan pada kalian nama-nama bulu yang ada di manusia dengan bahasa Bali, ok? Bulu yang pertama adalah bulu yang ada di kepala. Nah, bulu yang di sini. Bulu yang ada di kepala ini, namanya adalah rambut. Rambut ini bahasa balinya adalah bok. Tulisannya B..O..K. Bacaannya “bok”, ya. Terus yang kedua adalah bulu yang ada di sini. Bulu yang ada di sana itu namanya adalah alis. Alis bahasa balinya, ya, alis, ya. Bahasa bali alusnya itu ada, tapi saya nggak jelaskan, ya. Kita belajar yang sehari-hari.
[example 1]
Okay, this time I'm going to talk about body hair. I'm going to tell you of the Balinese name for hair that grow on the human body, okay? The first kind of hair is the one that grow on top of the head. Right, the one here. This hair on the crown of your head is called "hair". In Balinese it is called "bok". Spelled B... O... K. And pronounced "bok", allright? Next is the hair that grow here. This hair is called eyebrow. In Balinese, eyebrow is "alis". There's a high Balinese word for it, but I won't delve into that at this moment, okay? We stick to the colloquial for now.

Timpal-timpal tiange ngelah bulun awak ane luung.
[example 2]
My friends have beautiful manes.

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