• embarrassed shy, bashful
  • (compare lek with taleng = ring finger)
  • toe of a cock
  • third from inside, corresponding to human middle finger
Unknown [edit]
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Lek buung magelekan.
[example 1]
If shy, you cancel swallowing. [proverb] If you are shy you will never get anything to eat. Used not only for eating. It also means that, if you are shy, you will not get anything.

Lek matakon, paling di margane.
[example 2]
If you are shy in asking directions you will get lost along the way. Literally, if you are shy in asking question, you will be confused on the street, or lost on the street.

Jemet mlajah raga apa-apa ane dadi tugas dadi anak luh. Marengin meme magarapan di paon, matanding canang, sing taen lek teken ajah-ajahan agamane. Melenan pesan ngajak nyamane Ni Kesuna. Wacen sajangkepnyane ring http://dictionary.basabali.org/Lek_-_Purwaka
[example 3]
She diligently studied everything that was appropriate for a girl. Helping her mother at the kitchen, preparing “canang”, never shy away from her religious duty. Unlike her sister, Ni Kesuna. Read the whole story at http://dictionary.basabali.org/Lek_-_Background

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