• six of one half a dozen of the other (lit. 25 coins are the same as 20 plus 5)
  • grind with a stick, pulverize
  • money
  • doesn't make any difference
jinah; hartta
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Sinah ujan emas, gunung mesuang pipis, tur angin ngaba baas lan supermi ane gae Ida.
[example 1]
[Certainly] distribute gold, money, rice or Supermi noodles

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Niki jinahne, Me.
Here is the money, Ma'am.

Rasayang ttyang jagate mangkin sampun ngitungang pipis manten.
[example 2]
I feel that living in this world now is solely about thinking of money.

Uli cenik ia suba ajahina munduhang pipis, apang ngidaang masuk ane tegeh. Buka cenik-cenikan tetani nyidaang ngebahang kayu gede.
[example 3]
She has been taught to save money for her higher education since childhood, like the effort of a termite that manage to befell a large timber.

Adepa di Kelating baanga pipis satak.
[example 4]
To be sold at Kelating for two hundred.

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