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Usage Examples

Nggih, tur nak suba dinane padine beneh anyi jani. Lamun tusing keto, nyanan enggalang puyung sing misi apa, tur amaha teken kedise.
[example 1]
Yes, it's about time to harvest. If not, the crops will quickly fall by the wayside and will be eaten by the birds.

Cara idup padine. Di puyungne jegjeg. Dimisinne nguntul.
[example 2]
PROVERB: Like the life of rice. When empty it stand up. When full it looks down. This implies that a know-it-al person who talks a lot may not actually know much - i.e. have an empty head. But a wise person, who looks down at his feet all of the time, like a mature head of rice, may know a lot , but may say little. However, he is the wiser of the two.

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