• to fall on bad times
  • to hit, touch or strike
  • well, healthy, pleased, satisfied
  • to make contact with a target
  • to achieve, find, reach, meet with, understand, or know something
  • to be hit by or struck down by something
  • to be a victim
Unknown [edit]
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

I Luh: Buka kenken asil padine jani, Beli? Adi: Beh, sing kena baan mastiang.
[example 1]
I Luh: What do you think of today’s harvest, Brother? Adi: Oh, I couldn’t predict it.

Yan di masane galang lan panes, nyak luung asilne. Yan nganyi di masan ujane liu masih ane usak tur bah kena angin.
[example 2]
When the weather is nice and sunny, the results are good. But when we harvest during the rainy season, most of the crops are ruined by being struck by the wind.

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