• confirm that something will surely occur
  • confirm a previous decision
  • sold
Unknown [edit]
tulus; durus
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Liang kenehne Pan Kocong maan undangan ka umah Pan Gede Dana, sawireh Pan Gede Dana mula kasub aji kasugihan. Sakewala, cara kedis perite malali ka punyan bingine; payu maan ngetis nanging basangne puyung. Kanti peteng ia tusing maan yeh ning.
[example 1]
Pan Kocong was really excited when he got an invitation to Pan Gede Dana's house because Pan Gede Dana is well known for his prosperity. Alas, just like a sparrow in a banyan tree; it can stay in a shady tree but it's tummy is empty. Until night he did not get even any water to drink.

  1. Fred Eiseman