More beggars are seen in Bali today. How to employ and train them to get a better life? Post your comments here or propose a question.

Puisi Bali: Buin pidan? ( Ni Luh Murniasih)

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Puisi Bali: Buin pidan? ( Ni Luh Murniasih)
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        Med... Rasa ento terus pesu uli bibih, Gedeg... Suba kantih med ngorahang gedeg, Ngeling...? Hemmm suba ping telu awai tiang ngeling luh... Luh Suba tawang iluh ane ngaba paras jegeg, Magoba moleh mapangango renyep, Nangging beli takut maekin iluh, Kajegegan iluhe ngae beli buduh, Buduh sing payu ngalih merta, Buduh tusing payu pesu, Buduh tusing payu malali-lali, Duh iluh corona, Buin pidan iluh lakar magedi? Magedi uli tongos tiang lekad? Ulian iluh makejang anake jejeh, Jejeh tusing payu ngisinin basang, Jejeh tusing payu magae, Jejeh tusing payu matepuk timpal-timpal disekolah, Buin pidan iluh lakar magedi?

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