• stomach
  • rougher inside part of bamboo culm that is used for making baskets or other containers. Basang of bamboo is usually pale yellow or almost white and is weaker and softer than tundu, which is the outer part. People are particular about keeping the basang side toward the center or inside of the object.
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Basang layah, celagi manise.
If you are hungry a tamarind fruit tastes sweet.

Dugas nulungin di umah anake nganten, I Made Sudiana ngorahang konden naar nasi sakewala suba naar tipat, krana basangne kaliwat seduk. Ia mula dueg mesuang isin kenehne nganggo geguyonan.
[example 1]
When helping someone who had wedding ceremony, Made Sudiana said he had not eaten rice but he ate 'ketupat', because he was starving. He was good at expressing what was in his mind through joke.

Basang bawak.
[example 2]
Short stomach: Person who gets angry very easily.

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