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Ni Daha Tua

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    In English

    There was once a story of Ni Daha Tua.

    There was once told in some village there was an old single lady, named Ni Daha Tua. She was very old and lived by herself in a small hut. She scavenged firewood in the woods. She diligently scavenged firewood and returned home on evening and sold them on the next day. She could only sell the firewood once in two days. Although that, she had her meals cooked for herself, sometimes she had leftovers because she did not eat so much. Ni Daha Tua had a neighbor, named Pan Rendah. Because he as so many children, Pan Rendah scavenged firewood along with Ni Daha Tua every day. Since he was a healthy man and younger than Ni Daha Tua, he could scavenge more firewood home and sold it every day. Although that, because he fed many mouth, he often left with not enough meal. Ni Daha Tua came to envy Pan Rendah, because he could carry more firewood and sold it every day. In the evening, Ni Daha Tua returned from scavenging firewood and sat down on her balcony as she muttered, “The God is unfair upon giving us blessing. Pan Rendah could sell firewood more and gain more money, while I can only sell it once in two days and gain less money than him. I wish if I was a young healthy man, it would be great.” As she was done muttereing by herself, a woman came to her and told Ni Daha Tua, “Miss Daha Tua, do not you mutter by yourself, saying the God gave unequal blessing, while everyone is as equal as other before the God. If you want to be a young healthy man, then it shall be granted.” that’s what that elderly woman said, and vanished. By the time it is granted, Miss Daha Tua became a young fine gentleman, then he was very happy. Since he is now a healthy young man, it meant he was able to bring firewood back, and sold it almost daily, until he had enough money, then he proposed a woman as wife. Long story short, he was getting married, he had so many children, until it became too difficult to raises them, as the money from selling firewood were not enough to feed them all. When he was going to sell firewood at market, and made money on it, he then left. There he stared onto the merchant which sold many things. His envious thought grew, and he went back home. Upon arrival, he again was grumbling with himself. “Sigh, God is unfair upon giving us blessing. The merchant, as a woman, sells things and gets so much money. I am alone carrying firewood until I hurt my neck. If I become a merchant, it would be great.” He grumbled to himself. Again, the old woman from before came and said, “In the past I told to not muttering something so ungrateful, talking that God is unfair, now you said something so ungrateful again. Well, if you wish to be a merchant, then your wish shall be granted.” Said the old woman, then she vanished again. Long story short, she became a rich merchant who lived without missing or lacking anything. One day, when the merchant was selling, there was an Arch Bishop of the land, marched toward the palace to pay a visit. Seen by the merchant enviously, she then murmuring again said “Sigh, my wish is always not enough. I am so rich now, but have no follower. If I am an Arch Bishop, I will be happy with so much money and so many followers.” As she finished murmuring, the old woman from before appeared. “Very Well, merchant, your wish shall be granted.” Said the old woman, and then she vanished like before. At that exact time, the merchant was appointed on palace, given name of The Arch Bishop, bestowed many loyal followers. As he became The Arch Bishop, yet he still felt not satisfied, because there was still someone above him. And there, he made another wish to The God to become a king, and had his wish granted. At the same time The King felt ill, and died. Later The Arch Bishop took the throne and became The King. As he took the throne, he still felt envious, because he is not the only king on the land. There were many other kings, he then made a wish to The God, “Oh Lord Sanghiang Widi, if you really love me, bestow me another blessing, grant my wish. About what I wish is to defeat all kings so that I will rule over this realm from the sky to the earth. You had too much world to rule, so just rule the heaven!” There The King was ordering all of his troops, ready to attack the other kings. The troops had been gathered and then The King marched to the war, and ordered his troops to plunder every village. Long story short, so many rulers had fallen to The King, only one still stood against him. At the night after the war break. When The King was at his chamber, before he went to sleep, the old woman from before came to him and said, “You ignorant King, all of your wishes had been granted by The God, but your wish that makes you become the only ruler in this realm, from the sky to the earth, shall not be granted, as ignorant and as envious as you are!” that’s what she said, as she vanished again.

    As that old woman left, a rain was heavily poured followed by striking thunder storm, the a thunder struck the chamber and burnt it, including The King burnt to death. And that was a story of an ignorant person full of envy. -translation'19 unud

    In Balinese

    Ada kone tuturan satua Ni Daha Tua. Kacrita di desa anu ada kone anak luh daha tua, madan Ni Daha Tua. Ia suba tua tur padidiana, tusing ngelah nyama braya, nongosin pondok cenik tuah abungkul. Gegaene sai-sai ngalih saang ka alase. Palimunan ia majalan ngalih saang, suba sanja gati mara ia kone teka. Buin manine mara kone ia ngadep saang. Dadi ngapuan kone ia ngadep saang. Yadiapin keto, sawireh ia medaar padidian, masi sedeng kone dare pegaene, di kenkena bisa masisa abedik. Ni Daha Tua ngelah kone pisaga, mapungkusan Pan Rendah. Sawireh ia liu gati ngelah pianak luh muani, Pan Rendah gegaenne masi sai-sai ngalih saang bareng teken Ni Daha Tua. Sawireh ia nak muani tur bajangan teken Ni Daha Tua, dadi liunan dogen ia nyidayang negen saang mulih, tur sai-sai ia nyidayang ngadep saangne ka peken. Yadiapin keto, sawireh ia madaar ajaka liu, dadi pepesan masi kuangan dare pegaene. Ni Daha Tua teka tan mari iri kenehne teken Pan Rendah, sawireh ia nyidayang liunan negen saang, tur saisai ngadep saang ka peken. Kacrita nuju peteng, Ni Daha Tua teke uli ngalih saang, negak kone ia di ampikne sambilanga ngrengkeng, Dong ajaan ja Widine, mabaat-baatan gati mapaica. Pan Rendah sai-sai nyidaang ngadep saang, tur liunan dogen ia maas pipis pamelin saang, i dewek ngpuan tur bedikan maan pipis. Yen i dewek dadi nak muani bajang, kenken ya demene. Mare ia suud ngrengkeng keto, lantas teka anak luh, kene abetne teken Ni Daha Tua, Nyai Daha Tua, eda nyai ngrengkeng, ngorahang Widine mabaat-baatan mapaica, anak mula asah antuk Ida. Yen nyai makeneh dadi nak muani bajang, maisi pinunas nyaine, keto kone raos anake odah ento, lantas ilang. Ni Daha Tua prajani kone dadi anak muani bajang, lantas kendel gati kone ia. Dening ia suba dadi anak muani tur kereng, dadi liu-liu ia nyidaang negen saang, tur sai-sai ia ngadep saang ka peken, kanti suba liu ia ngelah pipis, lantas ia nyuang anak luh. Makelo-kelo ia makurenan, liu kone ia ngelah pianak luh muani, kanti suba keweh ia ngalih pangupajiwa, reh kuangan dogen pipis pamelir saange daara ajaka makejang. Sedek ia ngadep saang ka peken, suba payu saangne, lantas ia ngindeng. Ditu ia bengong ngajinang saudagare ngadep sarwa ane melah-melah. Tumbuh kone kenehne iri, lantas ia ngenggalang mulih. Teked jumah, buin kone ia ngrengkeng. Beh, Widine mabaat-baatan gati mapaica. Saudagare aji luh madagang, liu-liu maan pipis. I dewek kanti bulbul baonge negen saang. Yen i dewek icena dadi saudagar, kenken ya demene. Keto kone ia ngrengkeng. Buin kone teka anake odah i pidan, lantas ngomong, I pidan nyai suba tuturin, sing bang ngrengkeng, gorahang Widine mabaat-baatan mapaica, jani masi buin nyai ngrengkeng keto. Nah yen cai makeneh dadi saudagar, maisi pinunas caine. Keto kone raos anake odah ento, lantas buin ilang. Gelisang satua, suba makelo ia dadi saudagar, kanti suba sugih kone ia, tusing kuangan apan-apan. Sedek ia madagang, rauh kone Pepatih Agunge di gumine ento, iringang mamas lakar mapas tangkil ka puri. Mara ajinanga teken i saudagar, buin kone tumbuh iri atinne, tur buin ia ngrengkeng, Beh kuangan dogen pinunase. Yen buat i dewek jani suba madan sugih gati, nanging tusing ngisi panjak. Yen jani icena dadi Pepatih Agung, kenken ya demene, pipis liu, ngelah panjak masi liu. Mara suud ia ngrengkeng keto, buin kone teka anake odah i pidan. Nah, saudagar, maisi pinunas caine keto. Suud ngeraos keto lantas anake odah ento buin ilang. Ditu lantas i saudagar prajani kadauhan ka puri, kajenengang Pepatih Agung, kapraksain panjak liu. Suba ia dadi Pepatih Agung, masi kuangan dogen legan kenehne, sawireh enu ada maduurin. Ditu lantas ia buin mapinunas apang dadi Agung teken Ida Sanghiang Widi, tur buin maisi pinunasne. Ida Anake Agung prajani kone sungkan, nglantas Ida seda. Lantas ia kone jani ngentosin nyeneng Agung. Di subanne nyeneng Agung, masi tan lad pakayunane iri, sawireh sing ja Ida dogen nyeneng Agung di gumine. Eni Masi ada Angung lenan, lantas Ida mapinunas ring Ida Sanghiang Widi, Inggih Ratu Sanghiang Widi, mungpung palungguh Betara sueca ring titiang, mangda malih palungguh Betara nglinggihin pinunas titiange. Mungguing pinunas titiange mangkin mangda ngidayang titian ngaonang para ratune sami, mangda titian newek ngodagang jagate sami saduur tanah sabeten langit. Maliha Ratu Sanghiang Widi mangda sampun nguasayang jagate ring madia pada, kanggoang suargane kewantenan dreweang keto kone pinunas Ida Anake Agung ring Ida Sanghiang Widi. Ditu lantas Anake Agung prejani nedunang kaulanidane sami saha sikep, lakar ngebug para ratune makejang. Suba kone pepek kaulane pada teka, lantas Ida memargi magegebug, sadesa-desa kapangandikayang kaulane majejarah. Tan critanan gelising satua, liu kone suba para ratune kaonang Ida, enu kone abesik konden sida antuk Ida ngalahang. Nuju peteng sube mareren siate, sedek Ida Anake Agung merem di pondok, durung Ida sirep lantas buin teka anake odah i pidan tur ngraos, Ih cai Anak Agung loba, buat pinunas caine teken Ida Sanghiang Widi liunan suba kalinggihan. Kewala apang pinunas caine apang padidian ngodagang gumine sabeten langit saduur tanah, ento sing lakar kalinggihang, reh bes sanget ngulurin keneh loba, jela iri ati. Keto kone raos anake odah ento lantas ilang. Sapaninggal anake odah ento, lantas ujan kone bales pesan maduluran kilap, lantas puun kone pondok Ida Anake sander kilap, kayang Ida Anake Agung Seda. Keto katuturan satua anake makeneh loba tur iri ati. -translation 19 unud

    In Indonesian

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