• big, great, grand
  • want more than you can afford
  • a title used for Sudra or the name given to the eldest son
ageng; gede
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

...majalan becik ring angga sarirane, sane ngawinang anggane kenak , seger oger tur bayune gede.
[example 1]
...improve circulation in the body, which could maintain our stamina and keep our body fresh.

Gede angin gede ombak besar.
[example 2]
The stronger the wind the bigger the waves will be.

Drika wenten perempatan Pasar Tampak Siring nika, ke kanan nika, jalan gede,Pak.
[example 3]
Over there is the intersection of Tampak Siring Market, to the right, is a large street, sir.

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