• papaya tree for Rangda, used at Calonarang. This is usually a male tree that may have small, chain-like fruits
  • Carica Papaya L
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Titiang mawasta Taru gedang. Daging tiange tis, akah rauh ring don panes. Titiang dados tamba jadma gugut lelipi. Ambil engket titiang anggen nulung, ratus pamor anggen ngolesin.
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I am the papaya tree. My substance is cool from my roots to my leaves. I can be used to treat people bitten by a snake. Apply my sap mixed with lime to the bite wound.

Gedang ane tasak di punya rasane manis gati
A papaya which has ripened on the tree is very sweet.

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Taru gedang maguna anggen anti malaria, nambakin sakit demam berdarah, lan nulungin menyahin gluten antuk pasien celiac
Papaya leaves is an anti-malaria, it prevents dengue fever, and helps digest gluten for people with celiac disease.

Gedang dados anggen ubad sakit basang
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