• rice plant, unhusked rice
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ne jani, isinin ngiune baan padi. Eda bes bek, nyanan telah ulung padine.
[example 1]
Now, fill the bamboo tray with rice, but don’t put too much, or a lot of rice will fall off later.

Cara padine mabuah.
[example 2]
POVERB: like rice that has seeds on it. If a person is "cara padine mabuah" he is very smart, and he pretends to be stupid and not show his knowledge and capabilities. He is silent because he does not want to show off. He does not want anything, as in "belog magandong". He just does not want to discuss things with others, because he knows that this will lead to questions and then arguments, and he wants to be at peace and left alone.

Cara idup padine. Di puyungne jegjeg. Dimisinne nguntul.
[example 3]
PROVERB: Like the life of rice. When empty it stand up. When full it looks down. This implies that a know-it-al person who talks a lot may not actually know much - i.e. have an empty head. But a wise person, who looks down at his feet all of the time, like a mature head of rice, may know a lot , but may say little. However, he is the wiser of the two.

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