• be able, get, obtain, win
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Wayan: Tiang madan I Wayan Nirdon, saking Selat Tengah, Susut, Bangli. Tiang maduwe panak..kalih. Ampun kelas nem siki. E..dereng masuk ..asiki. Kegiatan tiang sehari-hari, tiang ngukir bias melela. E..tiang wenten pesenan ring timpal-timpal tiange. Wenten mesen gajah, wenten mesen guak, wenten mesen karang tapel. Kenten. Pun kenten..

Guna: Ngukir kayu, Pak, bisa? Wayan: Naenin dumun tiang ngukir kayu. Waktu pertamane nika tiang… ngukir kayu. Kayu pertamane, tiang. Guna:Mm.. Wayan: Ampun kenten, tiang terjun ke bias… ke bias. Guna: Oo…kenten. Napi ngranang terjun ke bias, Pak? Wayan: E…karena…e..kenten-nya lebih menjanjikan. Hasilnya lebih menjanjikan. Harian-ne pun kenten…nah molih lah akidik.

Guna: O kenten. Nggih, nggih. Suksma, Pak, nggih.
[example 1]
Wayan: My name is I Wayan Nirdon and I’m from the village of Selat Tengah, Susut, Bangli. I have children … two. One is in 6th class in Elementary School. Er ... the other one is not at school yet. (As for) my daily activities …. I make black sand carvings*. Er ... I get orders for my friends. There are those who order elephants, there are those who order crows, there are those who order decorative ornaments for buildings. That’s how it is. That’s about it.

Guna: What about wood carving? Can you do that? Wayan: I used to do wood carving. In the beginning I … carved wood. Wood was first for me. Guna: Hmmmm.. Wayan: But after that, I moved to sand …. to sand. Guna: Oh ... so that’s how it was. What caused you to take up sand carving? Wayan: Er … because (it was) more promising. The product promises (a better income). The daily rate (is better) too … yes I get a little more. Guna: Oh I see. Yes ... yes. Thank you.

  • Black sand is mixed with cement and the mixture is intricately carved while still soft.

  1. I Wayan Nirdon, Banjar Selat Tengah, Putu Eka Guna Yasa