• white cheesewood; Alstonia (Alstonia scholaris). All parts of this plants, such as tree barks, leaf and flower of this plants can use as the medicine. The leaf of Pule contain antibacterial compounds.
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Pule (Alstonia scholaris)
[example 1]
...the tan bark of the tree contains several bitter alkaloids that prevent attack by insects, so that the wood does not suffer from this common shortcoming. The presence of these substances is also responsible for the widespread use of the leaves and bark in traditional medicines. As with all members of the family Apocynaceae, pule exudes a white latex when a branch is cut or broken. This sap is sometimes used as a skin medicine in Bali.

Tiang taru pule, daging dumulada, engket panes, akah tis, babakan dumulada, muneuk titiange dados anggen tamba ngebus, ra gulanyuh matunu, ulig inum akena.
[example 2]
Stomatitis: My name is Alstonia scholaris. Mixed my leaf with sugar and roasted coconut and drink. This is useful to against stomatitis.

Dibi sanja adi tiange meplalianan sepak bal. Adi tiange mrasa lesu ring batis ipun. Meme tiange lantas ngencak babakan punyan pule, kacampur aji toya. Selanturnyane katempelengan ring batis adin tiange.
[example 3]
Stiff: Yesterday, after playing soccer, my brother felt sore on his legs. My mother immediately pounded the bark of the pulai tree until smooth and mixed with a little water. Then, smeared on the my brother feet.

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