• spirit, spiritual force that allows someone or something to direct his talent or its power toward effective ends. It enables the person who possesses it to develop his talents effectively i.e. so that they have a positive effect upon others in that they will be attracted to him and what he does
  • spirit and shrine in the family temple dedicated to the this spirit that gives one the power to perform certain acts
  • it can be taken as the spirit of one's profession or talent
  • or it can be taken to mean the spirit that allows one, for example, to communicate with supernatural forces
  • the shrine is properly called the kemulan taksu. Balian taksu is a spirit medium to whom people go for consultation about illness, family problems, lost objects, etc
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Praginane ento ngelah taksu. Ento mawinan igelanne melah gati.
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