• ascend, go up (price)
  • be promoted
  • climb
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Ampun rauh ring campuhan, Pak, menek..menek ring campuhan sekitar..aa..sekitar satu kilo (meter), Pak, manggihin Peken Tampak Siring.
[example 1]
After you've arrived in Campuhan, Sir, go up in Campuhan about, yeah, about 1 kilometer. You'll see Tampak Siring market.

Ia suba menek kelas.
He went to the next class.

Apa anak magandong ancrog-ancrog ane ngandong ngoyong? Anak menek punyan nyuh.
[example 2]
What is it that moves up and down when carried on someone’s back, but when the person who does the carrying does not move? Person climbing a coconut tree. [riddle]

Komik 14 - Roko.jpg
Carane yening ajin roko menek
[example 3]
What to do to save money if the price of cigarettes rises. (Mark off the sections of a day on a cigarette i.e. morning, middle of the day, evening and night).

Ada di tengah jalan ane macet pesan di Delhi, ada bajaj ane nepukin unduk soleh. Menek bareng ajak sopir turpenumpangne, rasayang masih bareng-bareng kasaktian bajajne ento.
[example 4]
Caught in the mad traffic of Delhi, an auto feels a touch of magic.Take a ride with the driver and the passenger, and feel the feather touch of a little stardust.

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