• be promoted
  • climb
  • ascend, go up (price)
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Ampun rauh ring campuhan, Pak, menek..menek ring campuhan sekitar..aa..sekitar satu kilo (meter), Pak, manggihin Peken Tampak Siring.
[example 1]
After you've arrived in Campuhan, Sir, go up in Campuhan about, yeah, about 1 kilometer. You'll see Tampak Siring market.

Ia suba menek kelas.
He went to the next class.

Apa anak magandong ancrog-ancrog ane ngandong ngoyong? Anak menek punyan nyuh.
[example 2]
What is it that moves up and down when carried on someone’s back, but when the person who does the carrying does not move? Person climbing a coconut tree. [riddle]

Komik 14 - Roko.jpg
Carane yening ajin roko menek
[example 3]
What to do to save money if the price of cigarettes rises. (Mark off the sections of a day on a cigarette i.e. morning, middle of the day, evening and night).

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