All Flights Canceled in Indonesia Through 01 June 2020

All Flights Canceled in Indonesia Through 01 June 2020
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      In a sudden announcement, the Government of Indonesia has suspended all commercial flight operations nationwide, starting from the morning of 24 April until 01 June 2020.

      The move will thwart the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the nationwide movement of people and holiday gatherings. The period of the cessation of flight operations in Indonesia includes the entire Muslim fasting month that commenced on 24 April and the traditional peak travel season “mudik” or “homecoming” travel that in 2020 would have run from mid-May until 01 June 2020.

      The unprecedented cessation of commercial flights in combination with other moves taken by the Government will effectively prevent most, if not all, Indonesian Moslems from undertaking a family homecoming over the Idul Fitri Holiday period in late May.

      Indonesia has an estimated 225 million Muslims, making it the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

      The announcement of the cessation of commercial air travel made on 23 April 2020, one day before the ban came into effect, the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Novie Riyanto, said the ban on all commercial flights applies for both domestic and international flights. Riyanto said: “For the air transportation sector I herewith announce that domestic and international flights, both on scheduled or chartered aircraft, are forbidden 24 April – 01 June 2020.

      Novie told the press that exceptions to the absolute ban would be made for charter flights for the high ranking heads of government agencies, national representatives, and international organizations.

      Exceptions will also be granted for flights used for repatriating foreigners to their home countries, Indonesians on repatriation flights, or emergency flight movements. The Minister of Transportation will handle all special flight permits.

      Special permits will be available for medical and cargo flights.

      Navigation services for international flights overflying Indonesia remain in 100% operation. Airports will be staffed to handle emergency flights and transit/technical stops.

      Permission will also be granted for passenger aircraft to be used for the carriage of cargo inside the passenger compartment to provide sufficient space for medical and health supplies, sanitation materials, and foodstuff.

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