• moon with a halo
  • moon
  • usually used by Balinese to mean a Balinese month of 35 days, i.e. a period of time representing the repetition of a coincidence date between a 5-day week day and a 7-day week day, e.g. Buda Kliwon, Anggar Kasih, etc.
  • month
  • lunar eclipse
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Cara iraga ngantosang bulan ulunge.
Literally: Like someone waiting for the Moon to fall. Refers to someone who will never win his girl friend, or someone who will never accomplish his desires.

Biasane masan panese nem (6) bulan, jani misi masih ujan angin lan ujan!
[example 1]
Normally, summer is six (6) months long; but nowadays, summer comes with the wind and rain!

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