• eighty
  • to fall off something, as by accident
  • to let something fall
Unknown [edit]
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Uli dija lelipine ulung?
[example 1]
Where did the snake fall from?

Ane paling maluna, anyi padine. Lantas gedig apang telah ulung woh padine.
[example 2]
At the beginning, cut the rice stick. Hit the stick into the basket until all the seeds are fall off.

Buka ulungin bulan, ritatkala tresnan I Made Raine katampi olih I Kadek Putri, ditu di pasisi pasih Merta Sarine.
Like the fall of the moon, when the love of I Made Rai was received by Kadek Putri, over there on the sands of the Merta Sari Beach.

Ia ulung mabuah jaka.
[example 3]
He falls down like having a jaka fruit. [proverb] The name for ‘jaka’ (sugar palm) fruit is ‘beluluk’. (Mabuah jaka = beluluk [AMP]) The word for ‘rolling over’, or ‘rolling around over and over’ is ‘ngeluluk’. It is one of the onomatopoeic sounds. So if one falls down ‘beluluk’ (having a sugar palm fruit), one falls down rolling over and over, ‘ngeluluk’. A far-fetched pun

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