• under below, lowest part, on floor
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

..wenten ampun akeh art shop-art shop, wenten..wenten petunjuk tuun. Tuun, Pak, drika…di..di margine drika, tuun…tuun. Ee..yen ampun doh beten, wenten…yen kelod, Pak, wenten menuju..a..Pura…e..Bukit Gundul.
… there’ll be plenty of art shops, there’s…. there’s a sign that say go down. You go downward, Sir, there, down…. Down. Err… when you already some way down there… when you’re already south thre, Sir, there’s a sign that says to… err… Bukit Gundul… err.. temple.

PROVERB: Katak di beten tengkulake.
[example 1]
PROVERB: Frog beneath a half coconut. A person's previously concealed character suddenly is revealed in its true light, just as a frog is seen when the coconut shell is removed.

  1. Fred Eiseman Jr - Proverbs, 1987