More beggars are seen in Bali today. How to employ and train them to get a better life? Post your comments here or propose a question.

Proud child

Title (Other local language)
Rare ngendah
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    SMK Negeri 6 Denpasar
    High School
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      In English

      In Bali now there are lots of children who can already use motorbikes. I, who is a vocational school student, was surprised to see that many small children already use motorbikes, even from elementary school, many can use motorbikes. Riding a motorbike on the road is not the way it should be, he likes it when he rides, he thinks he is the only one who has the road. I've seen small children riding motorbikes like that, they're not wearing helmets, there aren't any spare parts, there aren't any, the road isn't right, I almost got hit by a bump. Therefore, we as older people, let's teach our younger siblings not to be affected by bad things like that, so that the roads in Bali are also safe, not filled with children who wander around on the road, so that Bali can also be comfortable. In the past there were no motorbikes like now, now there are motorbikes, use them for good things so that technology like this can be used for things that can reflect Bali as a safe and comfortable place

      In Balinese

      Ring Bali mangkin akeh pisan alit-alite sane sampun prasida negakin motor. Tiang anak sekolah menengah tengkejut pisan nyingakin akeh alit-alite sane nganggen motor. Numpak motor ring margi nenten patut, seneng sakadi ipun rikala negakin motor, ipun marasa wantah ipun sane madue margi. Tiang naenin nyingakin anak alit sane negakin motor sakadi punika, nenten nganggen helm, nenten wenten spion, nenten wenten plat, ring margi nenten becik, tiang das keni sengkala. Duaning punika, ngiring ja iraga ngajahin semeton-semeton iragane sane alit-alit mangda sampunang keni panglalah sane kadi asapunika, mangda margi-margine ring Bali taler rahayu tur nenten wenten anak alit-alit sane mabinayan ring margi, mangda Bali taler dados genah sane becik. Dumun durung wenten motor sakadi mangkin, sampun wenten motor anggen makarya becik mangda teknologi sakadi puniki prasida kaanggen nyihnayang Bali dados genah sane aman lan nyaman ring Bali.

      In Indonesian

      Di Bali sekarang banyak sekali anak anak yang sudah bisa menggunakan sepeda motor. Saya yang anak SMK kaget melihat anak kecil sudah banyak yang memakai sepeda motor bahkan dari SD saja banyak bisa memakai motor. Makai motor di jalan tidak semestinya, suka suka dia ketika berkendara, dia kira seperti dia saja yang punya jalan. Saya pernah melihat anak kecil naik motor seperti itu, sudah gk memakai helm, sepion gk ada, dk juga gk ada, di jalan gk bener, saya hampir kena serempet. Maka dari itu kita sebagai orang yang lebih tua, mari kita ajarkan ke adik adik kita untuk tidak terpengaruh hal hal yang jelek seperti itu, supaya jalan di Bali juga aman tidak berisi anak anak yang macem macem di jalan, supaya menjadikan Bali juga nyaman. Dulu tidak ada motor seperti sekarang, sekarang sudah ada motor gunakan lah untuk hal hal yang bagus supaya teknologi seperti ini bisa dipakai untuk hal hal yang bisa mencerminkan Bali menjadi tempat yang aman dan nyaman