• do not confuse with a common mangrove tree,"Avicenna marina", commonly called api or sia-sia
  • low bush with abundant closely spaced leaves, often grown in house yards because the mashed leaves are used as a green coloring material in foods and offerings ("Diospyros ferrea") (Noun)
  • wood; unsplit log or part of a log floating or washed ashore (Noun)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Uli cenik ia suba ajahina munduhang pipis, apang ngidaang masuk ane tegeh. Buka cenik-cenikan tetani nyidaang ngebahang kayu gede.
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She has been taught to save money for her higher education since childhood, like the effort of a termite that manage to befell a large timber.

Apa ane ngandong ngoyong, ane gandonge majalan? anak menek punyan kayu!
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