Dewi Dian Reich


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Artist and writer. Dewi Dian is founder of Sawidji Gallery & Co.

Dewi Dian Reich was born in Australia of mixed Indonesian and European parentage. Dewi has a deep love for Nature, art, history and the traditions in her Indonesian heritage. She has called Bali her home for nearly 20 years. Dian is a graduate of the Australian National Art School in Fine Arts majoring in Photography and painting disciplines with emphasis on art history and theory. Undertook post graduate studies in Digital Media, Linguistics and Asian Studies.

Dian is focused on the ongoing development of Sawidji Gallery and studio. The economic changes brought about by the Covid Pandemic to Bali was a catalyst. There was already a need to reassess the conditions affecting the integrity of Fine Art in Bali. Which is never separate from the intricacies of the culture itself. Sawidji may explore these themes. However, it simply wishes to celebrate the talents, the community and the Nature that we are fortunate to be a part of.

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Examples of work

Natures' Blossoms
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Natures' Blossoms. An exploration of the hypothetical psychology of Nature through Portraiture as a theoretical genre.