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Dancing Memories of Wayang Wong

Dancing Memories of Wayang Wong
Original language
    Pt. Sawidji Lumbung Pari
    Online Publication
    Publication date
    January 2023
    • topeng
    • masks
    • traditional masks
    • ceremony
    • rituals
    • spiritual
    • community
    • pura
    • pura taman pule
    • Wayang
    • wayang wong
    • Tari Bali
    • tari topeng
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              Shared Memories of the mysterious nature of an ancient tradition. The Sacred Wayang Wong of Pura Taman Pule. When we refer to ‘Wayang Wong’, it is a variation of Wayang performances where human actors play the roles in place of the puppets in the story. There are both masked (Tari Topeng) and unmasked variations of Wayang Wong’s performances. When we translate ‘Wayang Wong’ quite literally this means ‘Human Shadow’ or ‘Human Imagination’. Which in itself is ruefully perfect. In the Wayang Kulit performance, the shadows of the puppets are projected onto a translucent screen. In the dance where dancers come together to tell our ancient stories, is it not perfect that ‘human imagination’ is captured in its name?