• ready, done, completed, ended, always
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ulesne jeg sing ngelah gae lenan Ida Betara I ragane, jeg pragat ngae bencana tur ngelebang mrana dogen.
[example 1]
They think that the gods have no other job other than creating disasters.

I Cupak munyinne pragat nyapa kadi aku, melenan pesan ajak adinne I Grantang ane alep tur munyinne setata ngliangin anak len. Tuah saja, nyuh aijeng sing ja patuh.
[example 2]
Cupak's words always arrogant. In contrast to his little brother, Grantang, he was calm and always pleases others. It is true that a cluster of coconut doesn't have the same quality of coconuts (refers to children of the same parents not all being alike).

Pamuputne pragat masih. Ia ajak dadua ngedasang cretcetan cet di tanahe. Ia ajak dadua ngedasang kecritan cete ane ada di temboke.
[example 3]
Finally finished. They clean up the paint on the ground. They cleaned the splash of paint on the wall.

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