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13 months ago
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Talking about women, you will definitely not be able to get away from the name Gossip, it is from this Gossip that the name Hoax usually arises. Just like what happened to my friend, let's call her the name Mawar. Three years ago Hoaxes about her spread at school to the realm of her home environment. She was reported to be pregnant. As a result of this Hoax, she got a score from school and was ostracized by the people around her. Luckily she is a strong woman, so she doesn't get hit mentally. For 2 months she tried to prove that the news was fake. Finally her struggle was not in vain, she managed to prove it. And after being investigated, it turned out that the Hoax news spreader was her own friend who reasoned that she was jealous of Mawar. Luckily, this case did not get brought into the realm of law, and was only resolved in a friendly manner. We all hope that there are no more cases like this, because sometimes cases like this make victims become depressed or have mental attacks. Let's stay away from hoaxes together.


Mebaosan indik anak istri,nenten lali sane mewasta gosip, ulian gosip punika mresidaang ngranayang sane mewasta Hoax. Pateh sane kerasayang olih timpal tiyang sane mapesengan Mawar. Telung warsa sane lintang,wenten Hoax indik Mawar sane nyebar ring sekolah nyantos ring lingkungan genahnyane. Mawar kaorahang beling. Duaning Hoax puniki,Mawar keni skor ring sekolah lan kecampakin olih anak anak sami. Mawar punika anak istri sane kuat,dadosnyane Mawar nenten keni serangan mental. Duang 2 bulan sampun tiyos, Mawar ngusa hayang ngicen bukti yening berita punika palsu. Lan perjuanganne punika ngemolihang hasil, Mawar nyidaang ngebuktiang. Lantas kauningin sane nyebarang Hoax punika timpalnyane sane maduwe alasan iri. Kasus punika nenten kebakte ke ranah hukum, lan sampun kapuputin antuk cara kekeluargaan. Irage sami ngarepin mangde kasus kasus kadi punika nenten wenten malih,duaning kasus kasus punika ngranayang korban depresi utawi keni serangan mental. Ngiring sareng sami masikian ngejohin sane madan Hoax.


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