l cu(,
  • unlucky person, born loser
  • sickly, poor person
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ulian lacur tiange dikampung. Makada tiang makuli dipeken klungkung. Di klungkung tiang dadi buruh medagang acung. Di peken klungkung tiang nepukin anak bajang ngidih idih,ane madan luh sujani. Diastun anak bajang ento daki. Kewala ada jegeg sing nyidang ngengkebang. Ulian pedalem ada anak bajang megae ngidih idih. Dot keneh tiange ngalihang gae ane luungan. Sesukat ia megae ane kedas. Luh sujani jani dadi anak luh jegeg. Bawak satua tiang matunangan ngajak luh sujani. Disubane tiang mulihne kadesa melali makesiab nepuk umahne melah care anak sugih. Sangkaning kakota dadi gegendong ajak memene nyidang ngae umah ane melah dikampung... dilanjutkan disini:
[example 1]
I was poor in my village and so I went to Klungkung. I didn’t take anything at all but I had a supply of willpower. At the market in Klungkung I became a labourer. I went around selling corn. (And later) I was very happy to find someone who helped me to find work even though I was still a worker in a shop. Every day I went shopping in the market at Klungkung where I bought serombotan (a special vegetable dish from Klungkung). And there I met a homeless person asking for money. While she looked shabby, from inside she radiated an aura of beauty. I felt sorry for the young beggar girl who begged for money every day. So I decided to help her to find a better kind of work. Work in a shop. In no time at all, this beggar girl became a beautiful woman after working in the shop. After a while, because we met every day, we became attracted to one another and decided to become lovers. The story ends with my surprise when I visited her village to find that she had a very nice house whereas she together with some family members and her mother had been beggars in the town.

Ia lacur tusing ngelah apa.
[example 2]
He is very poor. He doesn't own anything at all.

lacur idupe manumadi
[example 3]
No translation exists for this example.

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