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Many Campuses Reject Disabilities

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      Election 2024: What programs should the candidates for government office plan for the people with disabilities?


      In English

      Anyone who will lead must provide access for people with disabilities. For example, disability education in Bali;I personally think this does not fulfil the requirements. Only a few campuses in Bali accept disabled students. Many campuses refuse, perhaps because of the difficulty of teaching people with disabilities. I once had an conversation with the chairman of the DPRD (local parliament) and have conveyed the problems, my friends with disabilities encounter. However, until now there has been no follow-up. I asked about the electric vehicle case, but I haven’t received any response. In Bali, attention and care to disabilities are still minimal and not good, especially for blind people. Hopefully the next leader will pay more attention to the problems for the visually impaired people.

      In Balinese

      Sira ja sane pacang dados pemimpin, harus ngaryanin akses untuk penyandang disabilitas. Indik pendidikan disabilitas ring Bali, manut tiang, banget-banget durung memenuhi syarat. Kidik pisan kampus ring Bali sane menerima disabilitas. Akeh kampus-kampus sane nulak, minab duaning meweh ngajahin anak disabilitas. Titiang naenin audensi sareng ketua DPRD tur sampun ngaturin indik pikobet titiang utamannyane kalangan tuna netra. Nanging nyantos mangkin durung wenten napi-napi. Indik kendaraan listrik taler sampun takenang titiang, nanging durung wenten respons. Ring Bali, perhatian terhadap disabilitas niki durung becik, utaminnyane kalangan tuna netra. Dumadak ja pemimpin sane anyar prasida urati ring pikobet tuna netra puniki.

      In Indonesian

      Siapa saja yang akan memimpin harus memberikan akses untuk penyandang disabilitas. Seperti pendidikan disabilitas di Bali yang menurut saya pribadi belumlah memenuhi syarat. Hanya sedikit kampus di Bali yang menerima teman disabilitas. Banyak kampus menolak, mungkin karena kesusahan mengajark anak disabilitas. Saya sempat beraudiensi dengan Ketua DPRD dan telah menyampaikan perihal masalah saya terkhususnya teman-teman disabilitas. Tetapi, sampai saat ini belum ada tindak lanjut. Seperti kasus kendaraan listrik yang sempat saya tanyakan, tetapi belum mendapat respon. Di Bali, perhatian terhadap disabilitas masih minim dan belum baik, khususnya disabilitas tuna netra. Semoga pemimpin selanjutnya lebih memberikan perhatian atas kegelisahan dan masalah untuk disabilitas tuna netra.