In your opinion, what impacts will the massive construction of large malls have on the local Balinese community? Post your comments here or propose a question.

Literature BASAbali wiki dapat mendorong andan untuk berpartisipasi dalam isu-isu sipil?

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Uning Antuk Isu-Isu Sipil Turmaning Eling Ngawerdiang Basa Bali Sareng BASAbali Wiki
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      In English

      • In my opinion, the BasaBali Wiki platform has a very positive impact on society in paying attention to civil issues in the environment. This platform is already widely known by people. This platform can also be accessed in 80 countries and this can provide opportunities for me and the community to participate in civic issues.

      In my opinion, the way to increase community participation in promoting civic issues through the BasaBali Wiki platform is to conduct seminars or outreach to villages so that this platform is widely known by the public. Many parents cannot use technology and also many teenagers today do not want to find out what innovations exist today. By giving seminars or outreach to villages, it is hoped that this platform will be known by many people so that it will have a positive impact on encouraging participation in civic issues.

      I hope that in the future the BASAbali wiki will always be consistent in providing better and more extraordinary works, using the Balinese language, and continuing to cultivate the Balinese language in this era of globalization.

      In Balinese

      Manut ring manah tityang patfrom BasaBali Wiki niki becik pisan anggen mgicenin dampak positif lan perhatian teken isu-isu sipil ring lingkungan. Platfrom niki sampun akeh kauningin ring krama Bali. Platfrom niki mresidang diakses ring 80 negara, indik ento ngidang ngicenin peluang untuk tityang lan krama sareng sami antuk berpartisipasi ring isu-isu sipil.

      Manut ring manah tityang cara sane patut anggen ngemedalin semangat krama antuk mendorong isi-isi sipil ring platfrom BasaBali Wiki inggih punika ngaryanin kegiatan seminar utawi dharma wacana ring desa magde platfrom niki akeh sane uning . Akeh krama lingsir nenten bise ngangen teknologi lan akeh teruna- teruni nenten uning inovasi anyar. Yening ngaryanin seminar utawi dharmawacana ring desa-desa mangde platfrom niki akeh sane uning, mangde ngicenin dampak positif lan mendorong partisipasi ring isu-isu sipil.

      Harapan titiang untuk BASAbali wiki selalu konsisiten ring ngewangun karya sane lebih becik lan lebihh luar biasa ring pengunaan bahasa bali, lan state membudayakan Bahasa bali ring era globalisasi niki

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