• also used as cow food
  • Pleomele agustifolia (Liliaceae)
  • spice
  • greeen food coloring
  • leaf of a common tree, salam, used for the same purpose and in the same way as the familiar bay leaf is used in Western cooking. Although similar to the bay leaf in appearance, salam is a member of the myrtle family, unrelated to the laurel family to which the bay leaf belongs
  • the leaf of a plant used to add a green color to jaja and other foods
  • tree leaves (Meliaceae)
  • external ear
  • leaves of a common tree that are put on corpse as eyebrow symbol
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Guna: Yen bangunan, bangunan napi manten ne taen jemak, Pak? Ne misi ukiran bias.

Nengah: kenten..sakadi niki, karyan goak puniki wantah mangge ring..kentene..ring palinggih niki. Palinggih, candi, napi ye wentene. Umah, kenten. Guna: Mm. Bale, Pak, punapi? Nengah: Taler ja.. masih. Guna: Mm..nggih. Ampun kenten, akuda, Pak, maan per hari yen nyemak gae kene? Nengah: Menurut isine niki. Yen sakadi niki…e…don-don niki tiga, kalih…polih, kenten. Kadang-kadang pat polih yen luung bayu, kenten. Guna: Ji kuda kira-kira nika awaine maan, Pak?

Nengah: Polih nyeng…ji karobelah, kenten.
Use: If there is a building, the building is taken, sir? It contains sandstone.

Nengah: That ... this is the work of the crow used only in ..anu .. in the palinggih (where to pray and pray prayer). Palinggih, temple, whatever there is. Home, so. Use: Mm. Bale, sir, how are you? Nengah: Yes yes. Use: Mm..ya. How much, how much, sir, can it be a day to take this project? Nengah: Depending on this content. If you like this ... e ... these three leaves, two ... can, be. Sometimes it is possible that four energy is good, then. Use: How much today, why?

Nengah: It can be about a hundred and fifty, so.

Proverb: Like water on a keladi leaf

Keladi is taro. Its leaves are waxy, and water runs off very quickly.

Water is like someone’s thought. Sometimes the keladi leaf has a concave depression on top that fills with rain water. When the wind blows, this water is unsteady. It wobbles. The word is ‘goyah’. This is used when someone’s thought is unsteady; he does not think in a straight line.

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