• to have leaves
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ia madon jaka.
[example 1]
He has jaka (sugar palm tree) leaves. [proverb] He is setting a date. The leaves of a punyan jaka are called ‘ron’. The Balinese verb ‘makaronan’ means ‘to verify a date’. This has no relation to the ‘ron’ of the jaka tree, but, is rather a (bad) pun. ‘Makaronan’ is often the verb used to refer to setting the time and place for a wedding, for example. If one wants to do this, he says that he has jaka tree leaves, ‘madon jaka’, which his listeners will know is sort of like saying that he is ‘makaronan’(ing), or setting a date, since the two words, are similar.

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In Balinese:   Kebun raya puniki kanggen antuk ngumpulang gymnosperma (tetanduran madon jaum) saking sekancan gumi.

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