• white uncooked milled rice
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

BSBB…..Ne busung, ne semat… Aah….dadi canang. Ne busung, ne baas… Aah dadi tipat. Busung-semat, baas-bu..busung….aah…be..busung-baas-semat-busung! Busung semat baas busung!.....Nyak rasane, nah..
BSBB…..This is busung (immature coconut leaf), this is semat (tiny stick made from bamboo)… Aah….become canang (an offerings made from configuration of flowers with a special form of coconut leaf as its base). This is busung, this is rice… Aah become tipat (a kind of food made of cooked rice in an immature coconut leaf). Busung-semat, rice-bu..busung….aah…be..busung-rice-semat-busung! Busung semat rice busung!.....Seems ok, right..

Matakon di baase.
[example 1]
Ask something from the rice. Proverb: e.g. I a person gets very sick, the family may "ask something from the rice"; that is, ask a balian who is in trance what to do.

Tepung baas anggon ngae jaja.
[example 2]
Rice flour is used to make cakes.

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