• statues
  • giant statues made of paper and bamboo to represent evil spirits, carried in procession on Ngerupuk, the day before Nyepi, in the evening. In some villages every banjar is required to make them. In Jimbaran they were not allowed in 1989 because the Lurah felt that the processions that carried the ogoh-ogoh might become rowdy and cause trouble, as they did the previous year. Some may be three or four meters high. Some are not very evil looking. One was made like the space shuttle, another of a Harley motorbike. Custom has been revived again in Jimbaran. The word ogoh-ogoh is said to come from oyog-oyog, meaning swaying to and fro or rocking. These figures appear at time other than Ngerupuk in some other villages, e.g. at ngaben, etc.
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