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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Tiang ngemaang i meme jaja.
[example 1]
I give her (mother) sweets.

Dewi: Suba ngaba ngiu mai? I Luh: Suba, I meme mara ngemaang.
[example 2]
Dewi: Have you bring the tray along with you? I Luh: Yes, my mom just gave it to me.

PROVERB: Salingke ngemaang anak; Ngemaang nyama tusing taen; Nyamane jelekanga; Anake buin jelekang teken ento.
[example 3]
PROVERB: [Stingy to family, more stingy to neighbors] Much less would you give to someone outside your family if you have never given anything to your own family; If your family is treated badly, so those outside your family will be treated even worse than that.

I tukang cet ngemaang cerik-cerike kuas pada abesik. "Ragane ngecet ane di tengah jelanane," keto munyinne teken Veena. "Ragane ngecet di sisin sisi angkul-angkule," keto munyinne teken Vinay.
[example 4]
A painter gave each of them a brush. "You paint the inside of the gate," he told Veena. "You paint the outside of the gate," he told Vinay.

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