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Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar
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    In English

    The existence of a Balinese language dictionary as one of the ways to learn Balinese is very important to be developed. The development of the Balinese language is also expected to maintain the Balinese language in everyday use. The existence of this Balinese language dictionary makes the people, especially the Balinese people, able to learn the good and wider Balinese language. This was the first time I saw this Balinese dictionary. This dictionary is very good and useful for Balinese people and others who want to learn Balinese. If we see, we can learn Balinese with this dictionary properly and correctly. Because the Balinese today rarely use the Balinese language. So that today's young generation can learn to speak Balinese well and politely. The lack of this dictionary is the lack of a translator.

    In Balinese

    Om swastiastu Ulian ade kamus basa bali niki sane becik anggen melajahin basa Bali sanget penting jagi anggen perkembangannyane. Basa Bali niki tiang harapkan bise mempertahankan basa Bali anggen basa ring sawai wai. Adene kamus basa Bali niki anggen krama terutame krama bali bise melajah basa bali sane becik lan sane luung. Uli pertama titiang nepukin kamus bahasa bali niki. Kamus niki becik gati lan bermanfaat. Yen tolih rage ngidang melajah bahasa bali uling kamus niki sane becik lan beneh . Ulian nak bali jaman jani sampun kidik nganggen bahasa bali . Apang generasi alit ne jani ngidang melajah mebahase bali sane becik lan patut. Ane kuang kamus niki tusing adane penerjemah sane utuh. Suksma

    In Indonesian