• play
  • to visit
  • on a trip of any kind, or go around, or wander with goal or purpose in mind (vs mailehilehan = aimless, purposeless wandering)
  • go out for pleasure or relaxation
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Tiang jagi malali ka Museum Neka.
I am going to visit the Museum Neka.

Titiang jagi malali ka Pantai Mengening. Ring dija margine, nggih?
[example 1]
I would like to go to Mengening Beach. Where is the way?

Tiang lakar malali.
I want to travel/do sightseeing.

Malali api.
Play with fire.

Made: Saking napi, Gus? Putra: Tiang saking Buleleng, Beli. Tiang jagi malali ka Sanur.
[example 2]
Made : Where are you from, Brother? Putra: I am from Buleleng, Brother. I am planning to tour to Sanur.

Nyen demen malali api; ia lakar kebus.
[example 3]
Whoever likes to play with fire; he will get burned. This is not generally used as in English. It usually refers to a man who has had an affair with a woman. If she gets pregnant, he should be prepared to marry her, since he “asked for it”.

Dugas malali ngiterin Yogyakarta, Oji nepukin liu pesan pemandangan ane luung uli jendelan bise. Apa dogen ane tepukina teken Oji?
During an excursion around Yogyakarta Oji saw a lot of interesting views from the bus window. What do you think about Oji?

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