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Tolerance of religious differences

Title (Indonesian)
Toleransi terhadap perbedaan agama
Title (Balines)
Toleransi antuk pabinayan agama
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  • > Ni Nyoman Sherly Maharani
  • > Sintia Wulandari
  • > Ni Ketut Octavia Megantari
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    What can we do to maintain religious harmony?



    In English

    our opinion regarding the video above, deserves to be emulated and applied in everyday life. For example, I, who am Hindu, remember some of my Muslim friends, and at that time they were fasting. when I heard the sound of the Maghrib call to prayer which indicated it was time to break my fast on the first day, I immediately took out my cellphone and opened the WhatsApp application and looked for some of their names. One by one I typed the sentences "Happy breaking your fast, Sintia" and didn't forget to smile and hug emoticons at the end of the message. he quickly replied to the message earlier, expressing his happiness that they received congratulations for breaking the fast from friends of different faiths.

    In Balinese

    Inggih punika, tiang puniki jadma Hindu. Tiang eling ring makudang-kudang timpal-timpal tiange sane dados Muslim, sane sedek ngamargiang ibadah puasa. Rikala tiang miragi suara Adzan Maghrib, sane nyihnayang masan puasa ring rahina kapertama, tiang raris ngambil HP tiang, raris tiang ngakses aplikasi WhatsApp, raris tiang ngrereh makudang-kudang aran. Tiang nyabran-nyabran ngetik selamat puasa sintia miwah emoticon senyum miwah pelukan ring ungkur pesan. Dan gelis nyaurin pesan punika, nyihnayang rasa liangnyan santukan ipun polih ucapan selamat puasa saking timpal-timpalnyan san mabinayan agama.

    In Indonesian

    pendapat kita mengenai vidio diatas, patut untuk dicontoh dan diterapkan dikehidupan sehari-hari. contohnya saya yang beragama hindu mengingat beberapa teman saya yang beragama islam, dan pada saat itu mereka sedang menunaikan ibadah puasa. ketika terdengar suara adzan maghrib yang menandakanwaktunya berbuka puasa dihari pertama, seketika saya mengeluarkan handphone lalu membuka aplikasi whatsapp dan mencari beberapa nama mereka. satu persatu saya mengetik kalimat "selamat berbuka puasa sintia" tak lupa juga emoticon senyum dan peluk diakhir pesan. dengan cepat dia membalas pesan tadi, mengungkapkan rasa bahagianya mereka mendapat ucapan selamat berbuka puasa dari sahabatnya yang berbeda keyakinan.